6 Days

Who you gonna call?

Law enforcement has seen some pretty challenging times over the course of my lifetime. While the fifties were relatively quiet, the sixties set in motion a sea change in how the police were viewed that has resulted in the current crisis.

To be fair, the things that caused the changes are both internal and external. Internally, training has always been something that seemed to lag rather than lead. Since the face of the cop on the street represents the law in its purest form, there is a really good chance that lack of a universal training program for police has created pockets of abuse. I have seen with my own eyes the lock jawed officer that was really not all that versed in the law but was especially well versed in brute force. Looking back at the history of police force abuse allegations, there is no doubt that from time to time a bad cop emerged.

But most of the real pressure comes from the changes in our society.

In the sixties, old rules fell by the wayside as an entire generation was taught to question everything. The massive peace protests (and some notable not so peaceful protests) forced the police to learn new tactics that they traditionally had never had to adopt before.

The race riots of the sixties also played a pretty key role in changing how the police were used. The riots would periodically return (Rodney King) and intensify.



But riots and looting have become the weapon of choice every time an aggrieved party comes to the front. All around the country, it almost seems like many of the events begin with organized agitation that sparks the general unrest. ANTIFA and other groups are really good at stirring the pot only to see the pot overflow.

The growth of BLM has also been a huge instigator of the types of violence that is starting to creep out into the suburbs.

In the midst of all this, the leftist have decided that the answer is to punish the police. Rather than work towards solving the gaps between the two groups, the left have found it advantageous to stoke the flames of the fire and use the police as the punching bag.


That is one of the most important discussions of our age.

Defunding the police and coming up with more socially acceptable mitigation methods is one of the biggest mistakes the left would ever perpetrate on the American people.

The riots in Philadelphia the past few nights are a perfect example.

The Philly police department has been under fire from its political leadership for some time now. Officers have felt alone and isolated as the cowards in charge run for cover instead of having meaningful discussions about the problems. I can’t possibly imagine how hard it would be to have to put on that blue uniform and badge every day and night knowing that the bosses do not have your back.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf described the violent protests and riots in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday as a peaceful protest.

Failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy as you try and operate in a world where the rules of engagement change with every whim. Shootings increase as the perpetrators no longer fear. If you know the other fellow is going to automatically back down, you can be as brazen as you want. How many videos have you seen of people throwing things at the cops knowing nothing will happen to them?

Then there are the liberal judges that refuse to apply the law once these thugs are arrested. The troublemakers are back out on the streets within hours and the cycle continues.

So who are you gonna call?

The police are under attack by the left and the mobs. The police have no support from crooked and idiotic judges that are put in place by the same idiots that want to defund the police. Someday, they will just break down. If enough of them quit at one time, the ones who remain behind will not be able to contain the violence. Sooner or later, they will run out of things to burn in their own neighborhoods and they will come to yours. And who will be there to contain them.

A vote for Joe and Kammy will ensure this is not an “if it happens” situation. It is a “when it happens”. And it will happen.

By the way, Joe and Kammy and their friends also want to take away your weapons and your high capacity magazines.

Since they are already unable to control the thugs and gangs who don’t care about laws concerning illegal weapons, who are you really going to call?

Mister Mac

I don’t know about you kid, but I think I am ready to run away from home too.

2 thoughts on “6 Days

  1. Reblogged this on theleansubmariner and commented:

    Yesterday, the jury decided that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty of the false charges the state tried ot bring against him. This post form last year was a warning about what would happen under a Biden administration. It is my belief that only the will of the American people will keep this from coming true.

  2. Its all about how generations were raised and how they were indoctrinated. We simply need to start standing up.

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