Submarine Memes for the new Millennium

September 2021

I was I am I always wil be

August 2021

It’s been a nice summer which explains why the memes have been so slow. This one seems to have gained a pretty wide audience however:

you never leave

March 2021

Its been a rough year with Covid. Maybe a few folks are finding themselves on a new journey. Here is some advice

April 2020

Haven’t created any memes in a while but this one seems to have tickled a few funny bones

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Tribute Meme: March 2, 2019

Meme du jour:

Because Politics 12/04/2018

Because sarcasm 11/23/2018

The 6 D’s


The question is finally answered

Life and Death? How many times does this term get over-hyped? When it comes to the submarine service, probably never

After listening to overpaid crybaby athletes all week (only interrupted by crybaby liberal politicians) this seemed about right.

Sometimes I have fun playing with submarine pictures and applying them to current events… this is a random collection of the ones I have created or borrowed …