6 Days

Yesterday, the jury decided that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty of the false charges the state tried to bring against him. This post from last year was a warning about what would happen under a Biden administration. It is my belief that only the will of the American people will keep this from coming true.


Who you gonna call?

Law enforcement has seen some pretty challenging times over the course of my lifetime. While the fifties were relatively quiet, the sixties set in motion a sea change in how the police were viewed that has resulted in the current crisis.

To be fair, the things that caused the changes are both internal and external. Internally, training has always been something that seemed to lag rather than lead. Since the face of the cop on the street represents the law in its purest form, there is a really good chance that lack of a universal training program for police has created pockets of abuse. I have seen with my own eyes the lock jawed officer that was really not all that versed in the law but was especially well versed in brute force. Looking back at the history of police force abuse allegations, there is no…

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