13 Days

The Tale of Two Sons I will freely admit that in the sum total of my life, I have fallen as many times as I have gotten back up. That is neither a confession nor bragging. I think that all of our lives can be interpreted as one thing or another at any given point […]

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14 Days

This country was born under some incredibly impossible circumstances. The Patriots that wanted to break free from the tyranny of the British Empire were restricted from purchasing arms freely and the regulations were specifically designed to blunt any organized resistance to the crown. An example of the bravery that was exhibited to get around those […]

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15 Days

America’s future is at stake this election year. It’s a matter of personality for too many people. Joe Biden is the ideal candidate for those who long for a softer tone and more of the status quo. This country was slowly sinking into a quagmire before a revolutionary candidate named Donald Trump showed up. Obama […]

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16 Days

I got this from one of my favorite retired Chief Petty Officer’s today. They say you should always listen to the Chief.  (To be honest, he retired as a Master Chief so that makes it even more impressive. Fact check it “This Dude has been in office for 3.5 years…. what has he done? Other […]

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18 Days

So why did Donald go on NBC last night (October 15, 2020). After all, the network has been relentlessly attacking him since the election of 2016. The talking heads associated with both NBC and MSNBC have eviscerated him at every turn and offered absolutely no support or comfort no matter how well he has done? […]

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20 Days

A question of character. I’ve read a number of articles in the past few days about character and the current Presidential race. The press and the democrats (sorry if that is being redundant) have spent a great deal of time talking about the character of Donald J. Trump. Some people even would have you believe […]

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21 Days

Happy Navy Birthday I had thought about doing nothing more than my traditional Navy birthday greeting but decided that the current countdown series related to the 2020 election is pertinent to the United States Navy. For the record, I am a volunteer with the Trump Victory team in Pennsylvania serving as the South West PA […]

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22 Days

So many opinions about the current election… like my old Chief used to tell us back in the day: “The Military is nothing more than a microcosm of society” Turns out that veterans are too. At the time, I really didn’t know what a microcosm was. I could see it all around me but I […]

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23 Days

The countdown to the 2020 election continues. I received a lot of feedback (mostly positive) about yesterday’s post. I imagine there will be more today. It’s okay. I have been publishing the blog since 2011 and have gotten used to the fact that not everyone will appreciate what I write. This is post number 915 […]

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24 Days

There are 24 days left in the 2020 Presidential Election Cycle. A lot of things can happen in 24 days but one thing is certain. When this country goes to the polls in November 3rd, there are two starkly different choices for the future of this country. In recent elections, the country has been pulled […]

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