5 Days

Ah, the thought of Thanksgiving. After the insane year that we will forever remember as “2020”, many of us are already thinking about the family gathering to celebrate the blessings we have had. Yes, even in the face of this insidious Chinese Communist disease, babies were born, people accomplished things and we all faced adversity […]

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6 Days

Who you gonna call? Law enforcement has seen some pretty challenging times over the course of my lifetime. While the fifties were relatively quiet, the sixties set in motion a sea change in how the police were viewed that has resulted in the current crisis. To be fair, the things that caused the changes are […]

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7 Days

TAX THE RICH There is no more consistent siren song of the leftists and pre-communists than the one that focuses on the theme of taxing the rich and making them pay their fair share. Nothing says class warfare like identifying the financial inequities that exist in every society. More often than not, the root cause […]

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8 Days

  The current political conflict is pretty simple. On one side you have the people that are supporting President Trump that believe capitalism is still the best hope for mankind’s future. Most people who have this point of view have seen the failures of radical socialism and communism in the past 100 years and understand […]

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10 Days

Is America exceptional? This seems to be the defining question of the day. One political party and the people who associate with it find nothing but flaws in the land that we call home. They see the country from a jaded point of view that reflects the imperfection rather than the exceptionalism. It helps advance […]

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18 Days

So why did Donald go on NBC last night (October 15, 2020). After all, the network has been relentlessly attacking him since the election of 2016. The talking heads associated with both NBC and MSNBC have eviscerated him at every turn and offered absolutely no support or comfort no matter how well he has done? […]

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19 Days

Freedom of the Press It is a fundamental principle of our Republic to support and encourage a free press. The First Amendment was included to ensure that government was restrained enough to allow for the freedom of expression that comes from a free press. But along with freedom comes responsibility. “Congress shall make no law […]

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20 Days

A question of character. I’ve read a number of articles in the past few days about character and the current Presidential race. The press and the democrats (sorry if that is being redundant) have spent a great deal of time talking about the character of Donald J. Trump. Some people even would have you believe […]

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22 Days

So many opinions about the current election… like my old Chief used to tell us back in the day: “The Military is nothing more than a microcosm of society” Turns out that veterans are too. At the time, I really didn’t know what a microcosm was. I could see it all around me but I […]

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23 Days

The countdown to the 2020 election continues. I received a lot of feedback (mostly positive) about yesterday’s post. I imagine there will be more today. It’s okay. I have been publishing the blog since 2011 and have gotten used to the fact that not everyone will appreciate what I write. This is post number 915 […]

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