10 Days

Ten days before the last Presidential Election, I took time to reflect on what this country was. In the ensuing fouteen months since the election, I have watched those freedoms being gradually erased. Mandates, restriction of commerce and trade, failed strategies in foreign relations, addiction to globalism, and the rise of China and Russia as we falter have been the only hallmarks of this administration.

Everything Biden touches turns to stone.

The question now is, can America recover in time to prevent permanant damage?

Is America Exceptional?

This seems to be the defining question of the day. One political party and the people who associate with it find nothing but flaws in the land that we call home. They see the country from a jaded point of view that reflects the imperfection rather than the exceptionalism. It helps advance their desire to tear down the country and rebuild it in their utopian image.

It is good from time to time to remind ourselves how we started as a nation. This beautiful vision of America was born out of necessity. The people who were here in the beginning probably struggled with imperfection as well. They were not always united and the road to the founding of the country had many twists and turns. But at the heart was a group of people who banded together because of an internal wish to have freedom and liberty. That wish became a burning desire that cost many of them their lives and fortunes. But in the end, their desire became a reality.

All thirteen colonies were instrumental. But my home of Pennsylvania truly was the keystone. Here is her story:


In ten days, we will find out if people still want to live in freedom.

Mister Mac

5 thoughts on “10 Days

  1. We may not be exceptional to our ingrates, but, according to Gallup.

    “ The countries where potential migrants say they would like to move — if they could — have generally been the same for the past 10 years. In fact, roughly 18 countries attract two-thirds of all potential migrants worldwide.

    Although the image of U.S. leadership took a beating between 2016 and 2017, the U.S. continues to be the most desired destination country for potential migrants, as it has since Gallup started tracking these patterns a decade ago.

    One in five potential migrants (21%) — or about 158 million adults worldwide — name the U.S. as their desired future residence. Canada, Germany, France, Australia and the United Kingdom each appeal to more than 30 million adults.”

    1. It is Absolutely okay to share. I have had some great responses from people regarding the series for the past few weeks. Some not so great responses too but I typically answer them privately. After next Tuesday, I will probably return to an all submarine and lean related format. But most of the 925 plus posts will remain on lone and searchable for the forseeable future.


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