2020 Virtual 120th Annual Submarine Birthday Ball – 1900 Hours

You are invited to the 2020 Submarine Ball


We are separated by distance and forbidden to gather because of the Covid 19

But we are Submariners. We adapt, we overcome, and nothing gets between us and a party

I invite you to join us here at theleansubmariner or on our Facebook page tonight at 1900 hours (Eastern)

We will raise our glasses, cut the cake and celebrate all of the amazing achievements of the World’s Greatest Submarine Force 

In Preparation for the evening, please “like” the Facebook page and leave your favorite memories or pictures of Sub Balls from your past.

You can also leave your comments on this page!

See you tonight!

Mister Mac

9 thoughts on “2020 Virtual 120th Annual Submarine Birthday Ball – 1900 Hours

  1. MM1(SS) David J MacNamee III (USN/RET)

    6 boats, 21 years

    Sorry, Never went to the ball but I remember COMSUBLANT Joe Williams saying “Submariners have Bigger Balls”
    Circa 1973 of 1974

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