Built Like a Mack Truck

One of the early stories from theleansubmariner. As America struggles to find its footing in the manufacturing world, it would be nice to see Mack back as a real American Brand


How many times have you ever heard the expression Built Like a Mack Truck? For most people in the US, that is one of those old expressions that symbolizes strength and endurance. The trucks that were designed and built by Americans were once the pride of many trucking fleets and rightly so. The story of how they came to their place in the trucking world is a story of America at its best.

Built Like a Mack 002

The story started with the five Mack brothers and a dream that John (Jack) Mack had in the 1890s as he sailed around the world on tramp steamers. The boys were sons of German immigrants who settled near Scranton PA. The automotive age was just coming into its own but building a truck was something still far from most people’s minds. The idea that something would come along to replace wagons for local delivery and trains for…

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