How MAD were we?

In January 1963, the world was on edge. The recent Cuban Missile Crisis had shown how close we were to Mutual Assured Destruction on a scale never before seen. The arms race of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s had pushed the east and west closer to global confrontation since the end of the Second […]

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She built it well

I got a “proud Aunt” note from one of my favorite cousins last year about her niece. “Hi Bob!  Hope all is well.  Just wanted to share.  My niece, Isabella just became a certified welder and had her second interview over at Electric Boat in New London.  If she gets hired she might get to […]

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Submarine Month 2023

I have been involved with the Pittsburgh Council of the US Navy League for about ten years. It’s a great organization that reflects the connection between Pittsburgh and the Navy and in particular, the submarine service. Most people who are not fully aware of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania probably would not know how much the […]

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We must lead, not follow, in naval development – Even after 100 years, it is still true

Looking around the world today, I am concerned about my country’s ability to defend itself. Government influence and some in the navy’s leadership have made many decisions over the past forty years that are put us at risk. The greatest example is the phenomenal failure of the littoral combat ship project. I had at one […]

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Ready on day one. Really???

Ready on day one. Quite often in interviews with potential employees, a candidate will tell the interviewers that they are “ready on day one of the job”. They make this very bold claim based on their previous education or experience in a related field. But my personal experience in a number of fields makes me […]

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