Promises made, promises kept – The Polaris Story 1967

Promises made, promises kept – The Polaris Story 1967 There have only been a few times that I have posted stories from shipmates. Each had value all by themselves but their content certainly made them worth sharing. The story of the installation of the AFDB 7 USS Los Alamos floating dry dock in Scotland, […]

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The Submariner Stereotype

How do you describe a Submariner? If you are a qualified submariner, you probably have a standard description when people ask about your life when you were on the boats. The most common responses I get are “Oh, I could never do that” or “Weren’t you afraid?” But nearly everyone of a certain age has […]

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I loved the ride

May is Military Appreciation Month. All month long, we are encouraged to let our brothers and sisters in arms how much they are appreciated. The month ends with a solemn remembrance of the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. One group that has always had a little trouble recognizing has been the Silent Service. Its […]

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Who are you calling old?

The old Submariner The old Submariner knows a thing or two about what Submariners are all about. But the definition is generational and the definition has changed a time or two. The original old Submariner remembers clothes smelling of sweat and gasoline. The air was putrid and the battery acid ate right through his clothes. […]

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