Where is Mister Mac? (Give Bob the Job)

Disclaimer: This post has been approved by the Candidate

Good morning to all of you who regularly follow the blog.

Its October 25th, the World Series is in progress and we are getting ready for winter in Western Pennsylvania.

I completed the series on the 41 for Freedom boats last week and decided to focus on some real time issues here at home. We are now winterized, the lawn tractor is put away and we are about to settle into our regular late fall routine.

Except for a couple of things that are different.

The biggest one is that I decided to run for the Sewickley Township Supervisor position (I won my Republican Primary in May) and now we are in the closing days of the election cycle. Folks will be headed to the polls to determine who will serve as the leader for the community in the coming six years.

The primary was interesting. I ran unopposed from the Republican side but the sitting Democrat ran a hard write in campaign against me. He lost on both the Democrat side and in his attempt to have people write him in on the Republican side. The Democrat candidate that won her primary with a large margin of voters is a pretty nice person and we were both looking forward to running a campaign based on issues and personal characteristics. Many people came out and made their selection. I was proud to participate for the very first time in an election and see the American system at work.

The loser from the primaries decided a few weeks ago that he was not done yet. He has whipped up a very aggressive write in campaign and all of his letters and communications to would be voters is negative towards both of the legitimate candidates. He has 90,000 plus reasons. His position as Roadmaster will probably come to an end once he is defeated and he can no longer push people around. For a small community that has lost over 10 percent of its population and businesses since he first ran twelve years ago, it truly is a question whether we can continue to operate with another six years of his “leadership”.

In my mind, he reminds me of another failed aging democrat candidate that lost their election but keeps trying to remain relevant.

You may have seen her recently on TV or heard about how much she wants to get back into power. Like all failed politicians, they miss the money and the influence once they are rejected by the general public. Their bitterness just clings onto them like the smell of stale cigarettes after you have been in a bar all evening. (to be fair, that is a pretty old memory since I rarely hang out in bars anymore and I quit smoking twenty some years ago…)

But its okay. We are resolved to run our race. We have kept a great positive message to the voters and stayed fair and balanced with the other legitimate candidate. She is a pretty good person and has done with us the same despite the name calling from the write in candidate.

Just like America will decide next year if it wants to move backwards or forwards,

my little community will do the same in November.

I’ll check in with you every once in a while. In the meantime, I encourage every one of you to know your leaders.

Study the real issues. And vote. That is America. It is one of the things that separates us from countries without freedom.

Mister Mac

Disclaimer: This post has been approved by the Candidate

4 thoughts on “Where is Mister Mac? (Give Bob the Job)

  1. Thank you for your continued sacrifice and willingness to Serve.
    Best wishes for your success and getting the Job Bob! RM2 (SS), USN(ret)

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