Labor Day Weekend

The lean submariner will be taking a few days off to prepare for a journey next week. Its Labor Day weekend which is kind of ironic considering the jobs report that just came out this morning. Please say a prayer for those who are serving us, those who have served, and those who gave their all […]

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The Ultimate Irony

On August 31, 1911 the USS Utah was commissioned. This battleship was a Florida class ship and the only one named after the state of Utah. The Captain of the ship at commissioning was William S. Benson, a Battleship sailor to the core. He later went on to become the first Chief of Naval Operations […]

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A Shiny New Coat of Paint

I think that one of mankind’s greatest achievements is the evolution of paint. I also believe it is mankind’s greatest admission of imperfection. I have been intimate with paint since I was a young boy. My Grandfather had an old boat on the Monongahela River in Western Pennsylvania called the Dawn. She was a forty-eight […]

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If you are going to lead, LEAD!

You and your team are standing outside of a burning building. The fire isn’t very big yet but its obvious that it has the potential to become a major conflagration. Time is a key element in any damage control situation. Yes, it’s important to understand the threat in order to apply the right resources and […]

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The Royal Order of the Duck

I like ducks. Specifically, I like Mallard ducks. I have no particular problem with other types of ducks and have been known to dine on a few domesticated members of the duck family, but Mallards are my favorite because they are wild and live a relatively unstructured life. They have some characteristics that make them […]

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Take a deep breath

I don’t think about Oxygen much anymore. When I get up in the morning I think about what I am going to eat, what I am going to wear, what I have to do today and where do I need to go. These are all conscious choices and decisions that have to be made each […]

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In Its Path

One of my least favorite memories of the USS San Francisco was the stop we made in Guam in 1982. In an earlier blog, I talked about the first part of the visit where the wives came to visit. But in the middle of the stay, two things happened that made it a very bad […]

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Agnes, How Could You?

Fate is a funny thing. You just never know when its going to kick in. June 15, 1972 was my ship out day to go to Great Lakes recruit Training Command. Graduation had only been a short period before that date and I was very busy for those few days tying up loose ends before […]

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The Right Stuff

“Seaman Schmuckatelly, what in heaven’s name do you have there?” “It’s my emergency box, sir!” he says proudly as he places the large, overflowing cardboard box on the deck. “Emergency box?” “Yes Warrant, the Chief told us we might be in for a storm and we should check our gear and be ready.” “Are you […]

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