A different kind of adventure – Public Office

Up until today it’s been all talk and lots of opinions.

But today is different. I join many others in this great experiment called the American Republic by publicly beginning my candidacy for election to a public office. In this case, it is a candidate for Sewickley Township Supervisor.

I have no delusions about what the position represents. Like any elected position, it does not grant me any more authority than the authority granted by those whom I will serve. No great decisions of national importance will be decided nor will the fate of a nation rest in my hands. Yet the decision to run for an elected office in this local election is just as serious as any elected role. It is important because it continues a tradition of freedom and the right to participate fully in how we are governed.

It’s a small thing to some. But it make me proud to live in a country where any man or woman can offer their services to their community to try and improve the conditions in which they live. The talk is over. Now it’s time for work. If you live in the Sewickley Township area, I would appreciate your vote. I will work for that vote and do my best to serve you and your families. As prescribed by law, I will be circulating my petition starting today.



7 thoughts on “A different kind of adventure – Public Office

  1. Another of our shipmates passed yesterday, Jack Harden RMC(SS) USN RET, served on USS SAM HOUSTON SSSBN 609 and USS THOMAS JEFFERSON SSBN  618  during the 60’s.                                                D. Jenkins HMCS(SS) USN RET

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