The Old Navy

Compared to some Navies around the world, I suppose the US navy is still in its infant stage. From my perspective, it has certainly seen its days of glory interspersed with rumors of demise. Those rumors of its premature death normally come with change. Sails to steam. Capital ships and sleek modern warriors. Cannon balls […]

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Dereliction of Duty

  One of the worst things I can imagine a service member doing is being guilty of dereliction of duty. We all take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. When we are derelict in our duties, there are military laws which judge us and rightly so. People depend on us to defend them […]

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Surface Surface Surface

“Chief of the Watch, on the 1MC commence a low pressure blow on all main ballast tanks.” What a great feeling after a long run to hear those words and smell the fresh air that comes rushing through the boat. Whether it’s a week or two months, coming back to the surface is a fantastic […]

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Day Two in Hell

The Naval bombardment at Peleliu had gone on since September 12th. The invasion on the 15th was literally hell on earth for the invaders and defenders. Day two was even worse. The battleships Pennsylvania, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee and Idaho, heavy cruisers Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis and Portland, light cruisers Columbia, Cleveland, Denver and Honolulu, and three […]

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