I grew into it

I grew into it. When you are seventeen and the whole world is just outside of you front door, you can be a little anxious to get started. Some kids will go off to college, some will go to work in a factory or mill, and some kids find themselves drawn to something more adventurous. […]

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In honor of the day… the top five posts on TLS

What worked best in the past three and a half years? Not surprisingly, submarine sea stories were the most popular. I am grateful to the folks who have contributed as much as I am to those that have visited. So here they are as of today (January 31, 2015) 1. https://theleansubmariner.com/2013/11/24/id-like-to-be-a-submariner-how-hard-could-that-be/ 2. https://theleansubmariner.com/2014/02/21/hey-you-have-the-next-watch/ 3. https://theleansubmariner.com/2014/02/16/ever-a-submariner-by-jody-rurham-mm2ss-a-gang/ […]

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New Years Day 2015

Thanks for dropping by. We got up a little late this morning since we tried to see the New Year in last night. Then we had a short meal, a few quiet moments writing in the new “Journal”, and some very sincere praying. The journal was a gift from a family member and asks you to […]

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Rules of Engagement on TLS

  Rules of Engagement First and foremost, I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. It has been a work of love for the three years I have been publishing and has resulted in over174,000 views around the globe. In all, there are over 450 posts from either myself or one […]

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RIP Dex Armstrong, After Battery Rat and Well Loved Submariner

  Robert “DEX” Armstrong, Legendary ‘After Battery Rat’ on Eternal Patrol Submitted by: Pat Householder on 7/8/2014 ——————————————————— Dex cast off the lines of life at 6:20 AM EST July 8, 2014 and sailed off on his final patrol. A larger than life character with a remarkable talent for writing thoughts and actions that all […]

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