Two Fine men

Two fine men. John MacPherson and John Dixon were proud veterans that served their community side by side for years. They lived in a time where segregation had been a part of their world growing up and they could have used that as a reason to never work together. But these two fine men set all of that aside so that they could serve the veterans and the community where they lived. They organized so many events and supported the active duty and veterans with unity and purpose. They shared the struggles and the credit equally. Two fine men.
When Dad was very sick, John came to visit him in the hospital. The nurse on the ward tried to keep him away saying only family could be there. Dad, from his bed, said that his brother had every right to be there. I wasn’t surprised at all to hear the story from John’s wife after Dad passed away.
John MacPherson left this world on April 27 1993. John Dixon lived for a while longer. But I have no doubt in my mind that they live in the same neighborhood in Heaven and I can’t wait to see them both again.

I miss you every day Dad.

But I have tried to use the lessons you taught us about love and respect for our fellow man.

I hope I have made you proud. See you first thing.

Love, Your Son Bob


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