Thank you for your service… A new Way to Show your Thanks


We have many people in our country that are hurting. Veterans are very high on that list.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in many younger veterans joining the ranks of the older vets that served with honor but now need some extra help. Those younger families are often the first ones laid off from work because they were the last ones hired.

They were busy serving you.

You can help.

The next time you go for your “essentials” shopping, pick up another couple of cases of whatever you are allowed to.

Canned food (particularly vegetables), Cereals, juice boxes for kids, paper products, anything at all.

Yesterday I stopped at Sam’s Club and bought the max limits on a few items like veggies, soups, pre-packaged fruit and pop-tarts in addition to the items listed above. When I got to the VFW to drop them off, a young family had just arrived. through no fault of their own, they just needed a little extra help.

No matter where you are, please be generous. This is what we do as neighbors.

Instead of just saying thank you for your service, show them your thanks.

Mister Mac

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