Listen to the Music

We live in an amazing age. Technology has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations and everything about how we work, live and play has been impacted in one way or anther. I write these words in full understanding that one day a few years from now, some younger person will be “thinking” into their blog about how […]

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Other People’s Leaves

Fall is one of my four favorite seasons. My least favorite seasons of course are almost winter, nearly spring, close to summer, and just about fall. Those four other seasons are full of incomplete expectations and frankly annoy the heck out of many people. For instance, right now is almost winter. Despite the calendar, we […]

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Seems like just yesterday…

Over 106 years ago, a group known as the Wobblies (IWW) was born in June of 1905 to organize all of the workers of the world into One Big Union The following is the preamble to the constitution for the International Workers of the World:   “The working class and the employing class have nothing […]

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Target Rich Environment

Google the phrase “Target Rich Environment” and you will get about 5 million hits. One of my favorite quotes comes from a feel good movie released in 1986 Warning: PG 13 applies, if you are easily offended, skip past the quoted area “Top Gun” Maverick: This is what I call a target-rich environment. Goose: You […]

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Goin’ to the Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married – Part Three Oh happy day, break out the bubbly, the Nation’s first gay marriage at West Point. I can barely contain my joy. Oh well. They can explain it to the big Guy themselves when the time comes. I am now officially done with worrying about traditions. Go Navy. Beat Army. Mister Mac I had no […]

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The Old Navy

Compared to some Navies around the world, I suppose the US navy is still in its infant stage. From my perspective, it has certainly seen its days of glory interspersed with rumors of demise. Those rumors of its premature death normally come with change. Sails to steam. Capital ships and sleek modern warriors. Cannon balls […]

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The Ultimate Irony

On August 31, 1911 the USS Utah was commissioned. This battleship was a Florida class ship and the only one named after the state of Utah. The Captain of the ship at commissioning was William S. Benson, a Battleship sailor to the core. He later went on to become the first Chief of Naval Operations […]

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