How committed are you?

15 Million dollars in one evening from a group of elite Hollywood “celebrities” and their friends. George Clooney has set his course very visibly in the public eye to show that he supports all of Obama’s policies. There is a clear choice on his part and the part of his friends to continue on this […]

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In the beginning…

“The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb When I started this small blog over ten months ago, I really only had two goals. The first was to have an outlet where I could share stories about two of my favorite subjects (lean manufacturing and submarines). Today marks […]

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New Coke

My generation grew up in a time where marketing really came of age. We were exposed to subtle and not so subtle messages about the cars we should buy, the shampoo we should use, and of course the soda we should drink. Coca Cola@ was an American icon long before we came along. Coke was […]

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Galvanized or Gone

Fire in the night Growing up in a steel town, I learned the terms associated with making steel at an early age. At night, the sky was orange from the glow of the furnaces and the cooling steel that emerged. No one who has ever lived near a mill can forget the burning sulfur like […]

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Angus and Rufus in 2012

I was reading VP Biden’s guest column in the Des Moines Register this morning and of course having lots of fun with the liberals who were posting comments of support. The easy part is, all you have to do is cut and paste any of Obama’s own words from his wide array of speeches and […]

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Listen to the Music

We live in an amazing age. Technology has exceeded almost everyone’s expectations and everything about how we work, live and play has been impacted in one way or anther. I write these words in full understanding that one day a few years from now, some younger person will be “thinking” into their blog about how […]

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Other People’s Leaves

Fall is one of my four favorite seasons. My least favorite seasons of course are almost winter, nearly spring, close to summer, and just about fall. Those four other seasons are full of incomplete expectations and frankly annoy the heck out of many people. For instance, right now is almost winter. Despite the calendar, we […]

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