Built Like a Mack Truck

How many times have you ever heard the expression Built Like a Mack Truck? For most people in the US, that is one of those old expressions that symbolizes strength and endurance. The trucks that were designed and built by Americans were once the pride of many trucking fleets and rightly so. The story of […]

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How committed are you?

15 Million dollars in one evening from a group of elite Hollywood “celebrities” and their friends. George Clooney has set his course very visibly in the public eye to show that he supports all of Obama’s policies. There is a clear choice on his part and the part of his friends to continue on this […]

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In the beginning…

“The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb When I started this small blog over ten months ago, I really only had two goals. The first was to have an outlet where I could share stories about two of my favorite subjects (lean manufacturing and submarines). Today marks […]

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New Coke

My generation grew up in a time where marketing really came of age. We were exposed to subtle and not so subtle messages about the cars we should buy, the shampoo we should use, and of course the soda we should drink. Coca Cola@ was an American icon long before we came along. Coke was […]

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