How committed are you?

15 Million dollars in one evening from a group of elite Hollywood “celebrities” and their friends.

George Clooney has set his course very visibly in the public eye to show that he supports all of Obama’s policies. There is a clear choice on his part and the part of his friends to continue on this current path.

How committed are you? Like most of you, I couldn’t even make a dent in that record breaking 15 million. It’s frustrating that so much money is so readily available for such a questionable purpose. How did they get so much?

Oh, wait, that’s right. They get it from people who buy their products and services. They get to love in very rich mansions while attacking people who live in ranch houses. They get to attack your religion while spending lavishly to support their own (paying homage to their own sinful natures). They get to tell you that sacrifice is good while they jet off to God knows where in the most unfriendly environmental machines ever designed. They tell you to conserve while they spend until their noses bleed.

How do you make a dent?

Stop being such a patsy. Did you like George Clooney in his last movie? Hit him where it hurts. Don’t go. Stop ordering him on pay per view. No more downloads. Write letters to the many fan magazines highlighting his part in the war on America.

Who are his sponsors? Every time one of his crappy old movies shows up on TV let the station know you have had enough. Find out who the commercial sponsors are. Let them know too. Let your family and friends know as well.

The elite have declared war on America. They have declared war on you as a common person. They are full aware that reelecting Obama will put him in a position of shifting the Supreme Court to the left and finishing the destruction of America.

Who else is on Team Oblamo’s Destroy America Tour?

Robert Downey Jr., Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin, Jack Black, Salma Hayek and Tobey Maguire, who shared a table with Clooney and Clooney’s girlfriend Stacey Kiebler… Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rick Rosen, head of the TV department at Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment. And many many more apparently if they sucked up 15 million in one night.

Let’s see how well you support “your” president:

Robert Downey Junior Movies:

· Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) Sherlock Holmes

· Due Date (2010) Peter Highman

· Iron Man 2 (2010) Tony Stark

· Sherlock Holmes (2009) Sherlock Holmes

· The Soloist (2009) Steve Lopez

· Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (2008) (V) (uncredited) Kirk Lazarus

· Tropic Thunder (2008) Kirk Lazarus

· The Incredible Hulk (2008) (uncredited) Tony Stark

· Iron Man (2008) Tony Stark

Jack Black Movies:

· Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Po

· Gulliver’s Travels (2010) Lemuel Gulliver

· Year One (2009) Zed

· In the Attic with Pete Townshend & Friends (2009) (V) Tenacious D

· Prop 8: The Musical (2008) Jesus Christ

· Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five (2008) (V) (voice) Po

· Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (2008)  Jeff Portnoy

· Tropic Thunder (2008) Jeff Portnoy – Hot LZ

· Kung Fu Panda (2008) (voice) Po

· Be Kind Rewind (2008) Jerry Gerber

Tobey McGuire Movies:

· The Details (2011)- Jeff

· Brothers (2009)- Captain Sam Cahill

· Beyond All Boundaries (2009)- Private George Strang (voice)

· Spider-Man 3 (2007)- Peter Parker/Spider-Man

· The Good German (2006)- Tully

· Spider-Man 2 (2004)- Peter Parker/Spider-Man

· Seabiscuit (2003)- Red Pollard

· Spider-Man (2002)- Peter Parker/Spider-Man

This is just a partial list

No wonder these wanna be do-goobers have money to spend on socialism and the destruction of America. If you paid to see the movies, bought the crap that came along with them, supported the businesses who show them, you are making a contribution to Team Oblamo’s American Destruction tour.

Don’t get me wrong… everybody has a right to their opinion (at least for now).

These actors have a right to earn a living in whatever way they want to. You can still choose to support them in the theaters, on your TV and in your purchasing choices. But if Team Oblamo gets another tour, how long will you continue to have choices?

A left leaning Supreme Court will no longer be one of the few blocks to the extremist Oblamo agenda.

  • Guns? Fageddaboutit. (only cops and homeland security police need those noisy things… oh, and actor’s body guards)
  • Religious beliefs… not in their new Amerika. Makes hollywood people feel sad and it’s a present reminder of their date with the Big Guy
  • Choice in energy? Not for you silly goose, these fine actors know so much more than you! They have lots of room for solar on their mansion roofs and really don’t care if you freeze or overheat
  • TV? Oh never mind. That is already an anti-Christian wasteland except for Fox News.

Fox News?         

It just gets in the way like talk radio!!!!!!! A decent Supreme Court at the administration’s beck and call can fix Fox once and for all. Heck, we won’t even need those pesky elections anymore.

At the risk of being redundant,

How Committed Are you?

Please pass the non-hydrogenated union grown salt free government mandated formula Eco System approved popcorn in a reusable bag, please.

(Department of the First Lady Snack Bureau Approved of course)

Mister Mac

Weekend Update: Betty White just came out for Obama this weekend.

White, who is 90, says in this year’s election, she likes what Obama has done and “how he  represents us.”

Her comments come after Hollywood turned out at George Clooney’s home to  raise $15 million for Obama’s re-election,

a record for a single fundraiser.

Read more:

Well that changes everything…      not

3 thoughts on “How committed are you?

  1. I must admit I love Robert Downey, Jr., the actor, NOT the politico. We just went to see the Avengers on opening weekend. Funny thing about that movie (and all Marvel movies for that matter), they have a conservative, patriotic bent to them and that’s probably Stan’s doing. Obviously, Downey is more committed to making millions than he is to his leftist views or he wouldn’t don the Iron Man personna.
    But we do try to avoid supporting most of the committed left, Hollywood elite of late. Hubby used to love Streisand, but no more.
    They live in a horrible little bubble.

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