Promises made, promises kept – The Polaris Story 1967

Promises made, promises kept – The Polaris Story 1967

There have only been a few times that I have posted stories from shipmates. Each had value all by themselves but their content certainly made them worth sharing. The story of the installation of the AFDB 7 USS Los Alamos floating dry dock in Scotland,

My brother Jody Durham’s “Ever a Submariner”

And today, a story from a shipmate that has decided to just identify as John A.

I got an email from him not long ago asking if I would be interested in posting some booklets he had stored away from 1968. Both were related to the 41 for Freedom Series I am currently running so I said I would take a look at them.

Mac: I have a proposition for you.

I have the actual publications the US Navy’s 1967 twenty-two page color brochure titled “Polaris, Missiles & Men” and the 1968 Centennial celebration for the one and only “Naval Submarine Base, New London” also about twenty-two pages. See attached for their respective cover pages.

I’m willing to send them to you so you can get them up on your web page so that others can enjoy them, as these are both great pieces of history. I picked them both up at sub school when I was there in 1969 and have somehow managed to hold on to them.

My issue is that my bride of 37 years passed away in March and ever since then, I find that it’s like juggling on roller skates trying to keep up with all that the house and property demand of me. Thus, having the time to scan in over 40 pages, is beyond my capabilities right now.

If you want to take on the scanning duties in order to get them up on your site, I’ll be glad to mail these to you and you simply mail them back when you’re done.

A few weeks later I got the package in the mail. Gold Mine!!!

The Centennial of the Submarine Base was in pristine condition and so was the booklet on Polaris. That is the subject of this post. But first, by way of introduction, here is what I am allowed to share about John.

I was an SK3 (SS) and joined the Navy at age 17 in 1969 right out of high school. I did my four years and got out; with my only boat being the Ex-USS Simon Bolivar.

After I got out, I then worked for the Navy as a civilian for the next 35 years retiring as a business manager at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton WA.

I bumped into your page via a Google search for the good old Simon B. to see if there were any old shipmates I could locate since I don’t do Facebook. But your page was so good, I decided to peruse it in depth.

OK, stay safe and enjoy the rest of summer!

Warmest regards,

John A.

John, thanks for the great stuff. The first post on the submarine base has been incredibly well received and I hope this second will be useful for people who want to know more about the Polaris Story in the future.

God Speed My Friend

Mister Mac




One thought on “Promises made, promises kept – The Polaris Story 1967

  1. Outstanding! Not a Polaris Subvet, but a Seawolf (SSN575) Subvet and career sonar systems engineer/contractor…

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