A Good Navy Man

The Bluejacket’s Manual of 1946 was a special edition

The US Navy (along with its sister services) had just finished a victory of epic proportions and the BJM writers were writing about the needs the country would have from its sailors for years to come.


In the introduction, the manual talks about the need for continued training that would no longer be solely focused on war time but on maintaining the peace. The emphasis was on the skills and attributes of the sailor that would help to ensure freedom of the seas and the freedom which comes from a country like America.

San Diego Naval Training Center

From the manual:

The Navy considers the recruit a vital part of its organization. It wants him to b healthy, efficient and happy because, otherwise. the Navy will be less fit for action in peace and war.

The Navy will do its part. It expects the men to do theirs. Here are some of the basic qualities which are expected of every Navy man:

Loyalty. A good Navy man stands up for his ship, his shipmates, and his officers.

Obedience. A good Navy man carries out orders willingly, cheerfully, and promptly

Initiative. A good Navy man looks ahead and watches for things that need doing. He shows that he can be trusted to do the right thing in an emergency.

Fighting spirit. A good Navy man stays with a hard job. He never says “I can’t”.

Reliability: A good Navy man does his job thoroughly.

Concern for his record: A good Navy man tries at all times to keep a clean record. He upholds the standards of the Navy in his conduct.

Fairness. A good Navy man is square with others and expects the same treatment in return.

Honesty. A good Navy man tells the truth even if it hurts.

Cheerfulness. A good Navy man keeps his chin up when the going is tough. He doesn’t lose his temper over little things.

Neatness. A good Navy man is proud of his uniform. He keeps it in good condition.

All of these attributes are important for maintaining a force that can help to maintain freedom of the seas. We demand a lot of our Navy and it must perform to the strictest standards in any kind of weather or political storms. We should expect no less from the men and women who lead those sailors.

A good Navy man and woman and the people who support them are the backbone of freedom in a Republic.

We should never take them for granted or we risk losing more than just a few votes in an election year.

Mister Mac


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