A Poem for the Potentate

A poem for the Potentate   The petulant Potentate’s pouting today He’s holding his breath cause he can’t have his way. The palace is shuttered, the parks are all shut His minions are meaner than Java the Hut.   The people are poorer than ever before But the petulant Potentate wants even more. The Potentate […]

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Submarine Force Issues 2013

Its probably no coincidence that submarines are the focus of this article during a week that marks the highs and lows of US Navy submarine history.   Save Our Subs: Prioritizing The Attack Submarine By Rep. Randy Forbes and Rep. Joe Courtney AOL Defense, April 9, 2013 For a host of security and economic reasons, […]

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Rise again…

This week, Christians all over the world are celebrating the holiest of all days, a day which is set aside to remember the Resurrection of the Christ. This day reminds us that there is an ultimate victory for those who are part of the faith… the victory of life over death. Like many people, I […]

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