A Poem for the Potentate

A poem for the Potentate   The petulant Potentate’s pouting today He’s holding his breath cause he can’t have his way. The palace is shuttered, the parks are all shut His minions are meaner than Java the Hut.   The people are poorer than ever before But the petulant Potentate wants even more. The Potentate […]

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How well do you know Eric Holder?

Warning – Warning – Warning Purely political rant coming on!!!   "In 1997, Holder made history … when President Clinton nominated him to be the deputy attorney general. Holder was quickly confirmed several months later by a unanimous vote in the Senate. He was the first African-American elected to the position" Every Senator who was […]

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A Good Navy Man

The Bluejacket’s Manual of 1946 was a special edition The US Navy (along with its sister services) had just finished a victory of epic proportions and the BJM writers were writing about the needs the country would have from its sailors for years to come. In the introduction, the manual talks about the need for […]

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Its bigger than you think

3,531,905.43 square miles. That is roughly the area that makes up the United States of America. We are certainly not the biggest single nation but we are also not the smallest. Last night, I flew over the section of the country between Atlanta and Pittsburgh on my way home from a business trip. The night […]

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January 1943… Freedom Rising

Change… new directions… imperial doctrines… When you have nothing less to lose, giving your life gains new meaning. We are going to be tested soon in ways that a few years ago would have been unimaginable. But consider this… in the 1920′s before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s would you have even thought […]

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