Gun versus Butter Debate… the winner is almost always the one with the gun pointed at your head

Progressives always try to point out the stupidity of spending money on arms and ammunition instead of butter.

The argument goes back as early as recorded history and frankly, I don’t think there will ever be a clear and definitive answer for every age. People on the other side of the argument have stated that without a clear defense posture, you will quickly lose your butter anyway.

The one thing that seems to actually settle the debate (even if its just for a short time) is when someone attacks you. You will quickly find that the same recorded history that discusses the debate about guns and butter is filled to overflowing with man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. Empires and nations have risen and fallen and you can bet your sweet patooti that they weren’t defeated with rigid sticks of butter or rapid fire butter cannons.

Weak countries fall victim to stronger ones and eventually end up contributing all of their butter (and most everything else) to the armies of the stronger ones.
It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s just history.

Four years ago, a butter vendor sweet talked his way into the job of commander in chief. He promised all of his butter loving friends that a new day of milk and honey (with globs of free butter) was just around the corner if you let him have the job. A few laps around the planet to “spread the butter” and everyone else who was tired of all this conflict would come running with their bread slices opened and ready for that soft yellow spread to be applied liberally.

What a country crock. Four years later and all we have is rancid butter and rejection by the same people who still seem to want to burn our flags, our embassies, and kill our people. Several of the most radical ones actually have dreams about blowing us to kingdom come and not a one of their friends would feel anything less than sadness that it didn’t happen sooner.

Did anyone ever stop to think that all of the billions we have spent on people who hate us hasn’t made us one bit safer? They hate our wealthy people even more than our own wannabes hate our wealthy people. The pirate religions rise and fall through history like the ocean tides. They are counting on us to be stupid enough to disarm ourselves for the next wave.

If this country is stupid enough to reelect the current regime, it will be a tidal wave.

The Arab Spring has devolved into the bleakest of winters for all of mankind. Its not enough that the Taliban and Muslim brothers turn their own countries into ravaged wastelands, they won’t be satisfied until we are all equal with them. It is their stated goal.

It is time to send the Ivy League scholars back to their classrooms for more study and reflection. Perhaps the adjunct professor in chief will hear the clarion call and return blissfully to his roots. Maybe the country can get back to the business of being a leader in the world again.

For the record, I love butter.

I also like knowing that I can earn enough money to buy the good brand when I have that desire. I am very fond of having enough energy to keep it from spoiling (including a fair share of energy from good old fashioned American coal and gas by the way). Finally, I enjoy eating it knowing that it drives some liberal whack-job crazy since it comes from animals, has a generous amount of illicit fat and salt in it, and tastes mighty fine on an ear of American grown corn.

I also like the guns that make sure no government is ever going to be able to force me to stop eating butter.

Foreign or domestic. I think the men who wrote the Constitution would agree.

I hope the people who make and supply those guns aren’t driven out of business by the idiots running the White House right now. Not only will we find it tough to replace them, a whole lot more people won’t be able to afford butter… except the government kind. Hey, wait a minute, you don’t suppose that’s his plan do you???

Pass the butter please.

Mister Mac

(Frankly, it makes sense to me that the current resident and his wife love butter so much… goes nicely with all those lobsters)

3 thoughts on “Gun versus Butter Debate… the winner is almost always the one with the gun pointed at your head

  1. Uncle B-When I don’t think there’s any way I could love you or your blog more than I already do, you write a post on butter. 😉

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