How well do you know Eric Holder?

Warning – Warning – Warning Purely political rant coming on!!!   "In 1997, Holder made history … when President Clinton nominated him to be the deputy attorney general. Holder was quickly confirmed several months later by a unanimous vote in the Senate. He was the first African-American elected to the position" Every Senator who was […]

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The Battle Within

Diet and exercise are simple and relatively easy ways to overcome weight issues. By now, anyone who can read understands that fat, salt, sugar, and preservatives will effect the way a body retains or loses weight. If you continue to eat too much food without balancing it with some exercise, you should  not be amazed […]

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Pin the tail on the donkey

Some of us are old enough to remember children’s parties that weren’t catered and didn’t have bouncing castles. Just a party with Mom’s cupcakes, lots of candy and the birthday child’s favorite flavor of Kool-aid with real sugar. Considering how much white sugar was poured into that giant smiling picture, is there any question why […]

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Some Advice for BHO

We were having a meal in a small restaurant nearby our temporary quarters tonight. Growing up in the seventies in the valley left me with some great AM musical memories. During the meal, an old favorite came on the restaurant’s muzak system. I can only imagine that this would have been a most appropriate song […]

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Gun versus Butter Debate… the winner is almost always the one with the gun pointed at your head

Progressives always try to point out the stupidity of spending money on arms and ammunition instead of butter. The argument goes back as early as recorded history and frankly, I don’t think there will ever be a clear and definitive answer for every age. People on the other side of the argument have stated that […]

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One of my recurring nightmares from many years in the service was missing ship’s movement. It was drilled into us from the very early days as boots that missing a ship’s movement was one of the worst sins you could do as a sailor. The cost was high. In times of war, you could even […]

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The Narrative

Our friends at Webster’s define the word narrative as follows: “a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.” I like that definition since it allows the reader or listener to ultimately make up their own mind whether the narrator is telling the truth or a lie. Intelligent people with […]

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A Submariner Week

I started back to work a few weeks ago and have been pretty busy The company is great, the people are good to work with and all I need to do now is figure out how to get my girl and our boy Angus back under one roof to make life completely whole. I made […]

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I never knew how rich we were

One of the big circles in my life is in the process of closing After forty years of travelling the world, I find myself back in the place where I grew up. Part of that journey has been physical and part has been spiritual. The physical part includes travelling and visiting over 650 cities, towns […]

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