45,000… it was the best of times and the worst of times

Yesterday, two things happened for theleansubmariner.com

First, thanks to a lot of visitors, we passed the 45,000 view milestone. 279 posts on 16 pages covering everything from Americana to Zombies (A-Z).

Sadly, I also found out that I was banned from one of my favorite places to post Lucianne.com.

The people who post there are primarily conservative and it has been a good place to visit to see just how narrow minded the main stream media has become. Today I found out that includes some of the editors.

The sad thing is that I have been pretty loyal to them for over five years and got dumped because I used the name of this site in the postings. Being banned from anything is a reminder of what happens when we allow freedom of speech to be regulated by anyone (whether it’s the left or the right).

Goodbye Lucianne. Nice way to treat a veteran and a long time friend.

Mister Mac

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