Exceptional – Does it matter to you?

Nimitz Flyover


Look up the word exceptional in the dictionary and a few of the words stick out right away:






By extension, the word exceptionalism is the condition of being exceptional which includes all of those superlatives. It is the belief that something as large as a country does not have to conform to the patterns exhibited by other countries. In my short life, I have come to understand why the United States of America has set the standard of exceptionalism in the world.

This nation was born from an exceptional idea

That idea is that individual freedom and liberty trumps the needs of the state. Its pretty simple really. The men and women who created the country did so out of necessity. There was simply no other choice. A country that had emerged as the primary ruler (England) sought to subjugate its peoples with a series of taxes and rulings that were onerous and harsh. The work of the people was being reapplied to support a government that had become distant and unresponsive. This is called tyranny.

England had spent many centuries using such policies to keep their other colonies under control. Tax and spend was a way of life for the regimes of many kings and the peasants were forced to adopt to the slavery in exchange for security and various forms of government largesse. The people had little choice really since rejecting that government meant loss of the protection (as it was) and those gifts. People don’t typically like conflict of this nature and even here in the colonies, many loyalists were agitated with the loud voices crying for relief.

The patriots showed the beginnings of exceptionalism when they rejected the status quo of Old Europe. Men are men and have the ability to determine what level of risk they are willing to wager for freedom and exceptionalism. Those patriots risked all to free themselves from the yoke of tyranny. They risked their wealth, their health, and their families to ensure we could vote in freedom to remove tyrants.

We owe our children nothing less



There are some who would see America’s exceptionalism corrupted in order to maintain their own vision. It’s hard for me to believe that anyone born within the shadow of an American flag would willingly trade their birthright and that of the future generations for a crust of bread. Have we become such an impoverished people that we can be led astray by a charlatan with Styrofoam Columns and a teleprompter?

I believe that we have one more chance to regain our proper place in the world. That place was paid for by American blood, American treasure, and a million mother’s tears. When freedom was threatened, it was an exceptional America that mustered her men and women and answered the call. When disaster strikes, it is the generosity of the American people that can be relied upon the most. Up until the last four years, America could be counted on to be an example of fairness and justice. The world needs that example and it needs an exceptional document like the Constitution to lead the way.


I have an idea

If the progressives, democrats and liberals are all so convinced they do not want to be part of an exceptional place, get the hell out and don’t let the door hit you in your backside. Take your golden throated warbler with you. His song is old and tired and has produced no results worth remembering (except for how exceptionally horrible he has been).

This is America.

We are the last best hope for exceptionalism in the world for the foreseeable future


We make mistakes, but we have the capacity to own up to those mistakes and fix them. We get a chance to show how well that works in November of this year. If you believe in the goals and principles that brought us here, do something extraordinary. Send the family in the White House back to Chicago. Tell them they can take old Joe with them too.

Mister Mac

Special Note: Some people were surprised when the vacationer in chief signed an executive order allowing illegal invaders who came here as children to be allowed to have the new amnesty program. Considering his personal family history, I am surprised that they were surprised.

2 thoughts on “Exceptional – Does it matter to you?

  1. Interesting! Several Convention speeches last night touched on the same topic. America being born from an exceptional idea and American exceptionalism. Condie spoke of it emphatically.

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