The Narrative

Our friends at Webster’s define the word narrative as follows: “a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.”

I like that definition since it allows the reader or listener to ultimately make up their own mind whether the narrator is telling the truth or a lie. Intelligent people with the proper amount of discernment seem to be able to wade through the story most of the time and discover what lies beneath. Even people with average intelligence can rise to the occasion and expose stories with false and misleading threads. Common sense kicks in when a story suddenly ends up costing money that wasn’t discussed in the early phases.

The world isn’t always so simple though. Often, a story teller comes to a new audience with a long list of previous successful stories. They have fans who believe the narrative without so much as a shred of proof merely because the story teller has something that appeals to their individual preferences and biases. The story itself seems to good not to be true so it takes on a life of its own. A while back, even Oprah became tricked into believing one writer/story teller since his tale of recovery from addictions fit her own narrative of being able to overcome anything. (In retrospect, it would seem Oprah has an inclination to fall for the sucker’s story when it fits her bias).

Story tellers often have accomplices.  People who are convinced of one view or another love finding an accomplished storyteller to validate their views. Students and people who are stuck on one side or another of an ideological war often reach out to grasp onto every word told by the idol of the day. Heck, the sixties alone was proof enough about how gullible an entire generation can be when it comes to a good story teller. There isn’t enough time for me to list every one of the story tellers who managed to lead our generation astray.

I just never expected that all of those lost paths would once again converge in one person. How did that happen?

It’s really all about the narrative and who controls it. The current resident of the White House is an empty suit that was propelled into power by the folks who have the most control over the narrative. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and most of the written press have been desperate to use their collective influence to stamp their brand on the American public for years. They control much of the narrative in conjunction with the progressives who want the average Joe to believe that government is the answer and they are the government’s voice.

The difference this time is the internet and the sheer will of talk radio and Fox to be heard. People like theleansubmariner have a voice (at least for now) and I can be heard by those willing to listen. By myself, I make a very small dent. That’s okay. Combined with the hundreds of other small voices, we make a bigger dent. If I can get just one person to question what the main stream press is saying in its daily effort to control the narrative, that’s a great achievement. As of today, there were exactly 50 days left to the election (1200 hours, 72047 minutes, 4322869 seconds).

I hope that in the past year, if I have helped one person to understand a narrative about freedom that is exclusive of another four years under the current regime, it would have been worth every second, minute, hour and day I have devoted to my narrative.

God Bless America.

Mister Mac


And now from our friends over at the Gallup Poll:

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