How well do you know Eric Holder?

Warning – Warning – Warning

Purely political rant coming on!!!



"In 1997, Holder made history … when President Clinton nominated him to be the deputy attorney general. Holder was quickly confirmed several months later by a unanimous vote in the Senate. He was the first African-American elected to the position"

Every Senator who was present in 1997 is responsible for this man gaining the position of power he eventually gained. Did someone not do their homework about who he was and is? Look at the Establishment Republicans who voted for him and remember their names…


Some notable highlights: McCain, McConnell, Graham, need I continue?

"As deputy attorney general, Holder developed and issued the "Holder Memorandum," which spelled out the guidelines for the criminal prosecution of corporations. He also developed rules for the regulation of health care, and assembled a task force that determined how to investigate criminal investigations of high-ranking federal employees."

  • Prosecuting corporations

  • Regulating Health Care

  • Criminal investigations of high-ranking federal employees

Really??? Really???

None of the bozos in the Senate saw this coming yet still confirmed him for AG? No wonder I shred every request for money from the Committee to reelect Republicans to the Senate (Except Rubio, Paul and Criz))

Time for America to wake up and take their country back before its too late.

Mister Mac


Fun facts about Eric: He constantly talks about helping the underserved become better served… Eric however went to private schools for gifted kids and received scholarships and grants all the way through his Ivy League Education. From his Bio:

Holder attended a public school in his neighborhood until the fourth grade, when he was selected to participate in a program for intellectually gifted children. The school consisted of predominantly white students, which Holder says forced him to keep his "foot in both worlds." This only became more apparent when it came time to attend high school. While his friends at home chose to attend public schools in Queens, Holder’s white schoolmates were taking an exam to enter the city’s most elite institutions. Holder got into the prestigious Stuyvesant High School, an hour-and-a-half commute from his home, which pulled him even farther away from his neighborhood friends and community.

You don’t suppose he feels guilty about his “gifted” status do you?

2 thoughts on “How well do you know Eric Holder?

  1. This is a very strange coincident. I had lunch with an old friend in Tyson’s corner Virginia yesterday. We had not seen each other for about five years so we were in a catch-up mode. Out of the blue, he said, “Do you know that I see Eric Holder at least once a month?” He told me that Eric Holder’s children attend the same private school as his children. He said that he shows up for meetings with 3 to 5 large SUV’s and a large contingent of special agents and leaves all of the cars running while inside. He said that he takes each opportunity to personally address Eric and inform him that he is wasting tax payers money by leaving the cars running while he attends a rehearsal or event. He says that Holder just smiles at him and moves to another area of the room. My friend says that his abuse of power is unbelievable. I agree with you, we need to expose this person for the arrogant individual that he is.

    1. Thanks for that Bill. I wonder how many of our officials do the same thing. Perhaps curbing their excesses might solve the fictional problem of global warming

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