Pin the tail on the donkey

Some of us are old enough to remember children’s parties that weren’t catered and didn’t have bouncing castles. Just a party with Mom’s cupcakes, lots of candy and the birthday child’s favorite flavor of Kool-aid with real sugar. Considering how much white sugar was poured into that giant smiling picture, is there any question why the picture smiled so much?

Watching the debate last night reminded me of a neighborhood kid who didn’t have any self control when it came to cupcakes or conversation. You could almost say he was a bully in some ways even though he wasn’t physically that intimidating. His way of bullying was to always want to be the person with the answers to every question. Sadly, his answers were rarely anything more than made up fibs. The worse the fib, the stronger he seemed to want to push them into your face.

I can’t remember if his name was Joey or what but seeing the overgrown kid who has never had a real job in his entire adult life last night brought back old memories. Some of those memories are the contentious and horribly dishonest hearings for Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Old plugs did his best to tramp down on both of those men’s reputation to uphold his ideological viewpoints. Two honorable men forever smeared by a deceitful process.

Now I am not saying that the current resident of the Vice President’s house is a scheming lowlife that uses every lying trick in the book to stay in power. I’m not saying that every word that comes from his mouth is questionable and needs to be fact checked. I’m not saying he would sell the memory of his poor dead parent’s tragicomic life to advance his career.

I’m just saying he is the perfect compliment for the current resident of the White House. I really hadn’t seen how much so until his performance last night. I can’t remember watching a man lie his way through an entire evening before (with the help of the moderator). Well played plugs, well played.

On November 6, you are all cordially invited to play a game called “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. The winner merely has to pull the lever, push the button, make your legitimate mark and help us pin the tail of dismissal to the most corrupt regime in my recollection.

Help America to wipe that silly smile off Joe’s face once and for all.

Mister Mac

Bully Fun Fact: Despite last night’s forceful and very loud denial, He voted in favor of the Iraq War Resolution in 2002.

Funny, no one from the left wants to discuss that today

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