The coming storm

Warning: If you don’t like posts about Patriotism, stop reading now.


I was taking inventory of my life in the last few days and here is what I think I found.

First, I was born an American which means that because of decisions my ancestors made, I wasn’t born in Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, or any of a dozen places listed in my DNA report from a reputable DNA service. 

Second, Because I was born an American, I am included in the words that stated that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

You are correct if you recognize those words from the Declaration of Independence.  Those words were written to express the frustration of a people who felt that the government that they had was no longer looking out for their best interests. King George and his government had made life so oppressive for the people in the colonies that they had no choice but to rise up and throw off a government which no longer cared about its people. I know it’s been a long time since most people have read the document but it is worth the read. You can see similarities between George and the current leadership at every turn.

George made one big mistake.

He thought having the world’s most powerful army at his fingertips made his word irrefutable. And George never hesitated to remind his subjects that he would do what was needed to keep his power. He tried to keep common people from getting arms to defend themselves, he taxed them almost into slavery and he ignored their cries for justice. Why do you think we have the ten Ammendments in our Constitution?

But Americans don’t like tyrants much. It has been part of our DNA since the beginning. 

A tyrant is someone who rules without reason. A tyrant is someone who makes people who disagree with him “evil” and “traitors”. A tyrant divides the people by pitting them against each other. They are weakest and easier to defeat in any setting when they are fighting each other and not the tyrant.

I am an American.

That transcends my skin color, my race, my heritage, my wealth or my poverty. I am a Patriot because I believe in what this country stands for when it adheres to the principles of the Founding Fathers. If I wanted to be a communist, I could have moved to any country I wanted to and practiced that. But I have chosen to live as a free man in America. That is my right. For now.

I am glad there was no social media controlled by nefarious evil people during the time when America was born. Can you imagine what those leftists would have done to George Washington or any of the founders? I imagine we would still be hugging the coast lines with British Troops patrolling the streets.

Department of Homeland Security?

When I saw the head of the Department of Homeland Security say that the greatest threat to America is someone who looks like me and thinks that it is our right to question a government that no longer represents its people, I was shocked.

How did an American who served his country for more than two decades suddenly become a domestic terrorist? I’ve never raised my voice no less raised a weapon against my own country.

Then I remembered something. This guy represents the government that is a continuation of a previous government that vowed to fundamentally change America. Remember him? This government does not represent the will of millions of Americans. They no longer even try. It is easier for them to try and crush dissent by labeling honest Americans as terrorists than it is to have reasonable debates in the public forum. Meanwhile, the real terrorists are laughing and bulding up their strength for the next attack. And like September 11, we will not be ready because foolish people have been given power to pursue political agendas instead of real enemies. 

The next election will decide if America can once again regain its freedom.

I guess we will all find out what our future is then, assuming the election is not stolen by nefarious evil people.

Mister Mac

20 thoughts on “The coming storm

  1. It would seem that I am not alone in getting a feeling of dread which is offset by firm determination based upon only one identity who’s matters: American.

    [Looks for the expiration date on numerous Oaths of Enlistment]


    [Looks at DD214….]


    We served proudly and that motivation never spoils, rots, expires, or reaches any sort of shelf life… and that motivation will continue to resonate… proudly and firmly for whom the Liberty Bell tolls.

  2. Yo Mac, Plz remove me from your email list – I’m a Patriot who served my Country – and I don’t need to see your Trumpster noise in my inbox. Especially regarding Guns – we have a Major Problem in our Country and you 2nd Amendment abusers are directly contributing to the cause. I’m not against guns, far from it, but it’s clear that Combat Weapons – or those that can be altered to fully automatic people killers – should NEVER be allowed outside of our Military.  Not now, not ever. Get rid of those combat weapons, and those having a ‘moment’ won’t have a tool for mass killings purposes. Kinda obvious. (see Australia for reference) Nobody is coming to take your precious guns…..nobody.  So stop whining that THE GOVERNMENT is coming to take them…..not gonna happen. As for sending Patriotic news, you can try to appropriate the word Patriot all you want….but actions speak louder than words. You are deluded, far right racist sounding – regardless of whether you are or not – so if it sounds like a Duck, must be a Duck, right? I’m a lifelong Democrat who – thank GOD – is celebrating Joe Biden (real Patriot) being our President and I’m grateful that insane morons like DT are never again going to be in the White House.  That was a scary trip down nutcase lane, and I pray we don’t make that mistake again. If you wanted a Real Patriot (GOP) in the White House – you should have nominated Governor Kasich – I would vote for him….he’s serious, has tons of common sense, and isn’t crazy. DT almost wrecked this Country….along with his Insurrection enablers….it’s a miracle we survived his Rudyesque craziness.   YES those white racist Trumpsters are domestic terrorists – when they ATTACK THE US CAPITOL.  If it happened in ANY other Country….esp in our hemisphere….they would’ve requested the US to send in the Marines to save them.   That’s how the world viewed us. And that’s why those mostly white morons, are absolutely labeled as domestic terrorists…and they’ll be going to jail.  God Bless the FBI. Good luck with your (scare people/sheep) approach; it didn’t work for John Birch, the Tea Party, Trumpster or any of his Prevent the Steal lemmings.   Peace out.

    1. I will remove you at your request. You packed a lot of BS into your reply that has nothing to do with my original post. But that is how the left operates. Deny and denigrate anything that does not agree with your very questionable point of view. Peace out to you.

      1. Keep up the good work, never too late to clean house. You set the conditions for your site, adhere to them or leave.

  3. Hi Mac…… I was going to post this on your webpage via Facebook but decided to just make it a direct email for you to consider.

    RE: Your coming storm post: Publicly endorsing outright lies and sedition (The election was stolen, mass voter fraud, deliberate voter suppression, FOX news lies) are a very dangerous form of weapon. The Jan 6th deadly assault on our capitol was a direct result of this form of nationalistic, racist and exclusive propaganda. Yes, all men are created equal. And yes, the pursuit of happiness is a lofty dream which is attainable unless your words and actions incite or endorse the attempted violent and deadly overthrow of our Democracy. WHICH IT DID! NO amount of “Spin”,”Denial” or “Blame Reversal” of the truth will change that. That you served this nation for decades doesn’t give you the credibility to propagate treasonous lies today. Are you a domestic terrorist? Seems to me that with this posting, this is a question you are now asking yourself! If you advocate the violent overthrow of our present form of government, deny the last election results and endorse these far right wing outrageous political lies for any reason, then the answer is “If the jack boot fits”……No amount of wrapping yourself in the American flag to hide your real objectives will change THE TRUTH. The coming storm? More like the continued storm of Trump incited racist or religious cult lunacy and your finger appears to be squarely on the trigger of that gun….Please take me off your mailing list. Obviously putting it in the SPAM bin didn’t do the trick. I will also unsubscribe (Which I did once already). When the FBI knocks on your door soon, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

    On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 8:31 AM theleansubmariner wrote:

    > Mister Mac posted: “Warning: If you don’t like posts about Patriotism, > stop reading now. I was taking inventory of my life in the last few days > and here is what I think I found. First, I was born an American which means > that because of decisions my ancestors made, I w” >

    1. Bob, Bob Bob. So much anger and so much hatred. Not that I am shocked. Well, surprised since I though you had been removed form the blog list. I will see what I can do about fixing that. Its just like the left and its supporters to threaten anything that they do not agree with. I don’t think you are capable of seeing the truth any more now than you were nearly fifty years ago when you were railing against the Nixon administration. You were on active duty and as I recall, you were making your fair share of seditious remarks against the then commander in chief. But that is sadly part of who you have always been. Hopefully you can once more find a happy place. Your warning has been noted. It is the typical tool of a leftists.

  4. Sir, I am with you. Both of my spouses served this country, both would agree with you. My first was a Marine, served 18 months in Vietnam and paid for that the rest of his life. My second was in the Navy and was in Saigon harbor when the bug out was going on at the very end of Vietnam then was involved in the Mayaguez incident. Both now rest in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. I’ve watched this insanity building over the last several decades. The lies, the “nuance”, the corruption ignored. I know with no doubt that the 2020 election was stolen. I know that it will take strong, tough people to put things right and clean up the fetid mess that is our supposed government. It angers me to see what has been done, especially the dictatorial measures about the COVID-19 lockdowns, etc., the striping away of our rights and freedoms. My father served in the Army Corps of Engineers during WWII in North Africa and Italy and he would have been furious as both my spouses would have been with the state of this nation and the puppets of president and vice-president. I know there are some who can’t or refuse to see the truth, but the real conspiracy is the overthrow of the government for the people and by the people and those who are doing everything they can to bring that about. I am old now, crippled in body but, sir, I stand with you, so do the ghosts of my family who served. God Bless you, Mister Mac.

  5. Well said, my Brother-of-The-Sea, Well Said! We are all Americans that Love and have served our country with Honor. Thanks for all of your emails.

    Trin Rios, ETC (SS) and LCDR (1120) USN (Retired)

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