24 Days

There are 24 days left in the 2020 Presidential Election Cycle.

A lot of things can happen in 24 days but one thing is certain.

When this country goes to the polls in November 3rd, there are two starkly different choices for the future of this country.

In recent elections, the country has been pulled further and further to its respective polar opposite sides. The Left has gone increasingly towards socialism and large government control of every aspect of life. The right has been pulled sharper to the traditional American values that served this country well for most of its 244 years. 

2020 Has been an enormous challenge because of the Wuhan Chinese virus that has attacked the entire globe.

The leftists have used the ensuing pandemic well to divide the nation and the onslaught of negative advertising has been brutally effective. What has been obscured however is the result that will happen if the leftists win. 

Every fundamental freedom that we enjoy today has been enshrined by the constitution and protected by a careful balance of power in the three branches of government.

But what if that system was destroyed? What if a rogue group of people usurped the constitution “for the good of the people”? We may find out if Joe and company are successful. Even though a very large segment of America believes in the second amendment, a slanted court and a dishonest executive branch could end the freedoms we have now. A word or two in the right place could eliminate not just the dreaded “assault weapons” whatever the hell that is, but every high capacity magazine. Taxes, regulations, buybacks, and outright confiscation are not outside of the realm of possibility. It has already happened in too many other countries.

One thing they won’t tell you is that they also want to defund and eliminate police forces. It slips out every once in a while, but they try and hide their real intent. At least before the election. Once they have the power, watch how quickly they bow to the radical element of their party. Then you will have the unique situation where the diminished police forces are taxed to the limit and you will not have the weapons or the courts to defend yourself. What will you do then? 

With an increase in violence, they will finally be forced to declare martial law and then you will have no recourse. Think it can’t happen here? You have no understanding of history if you say that. Look at Germany in the 1930’s. That will be child’s play compared to now. With the electronic devices we are all dependent on, it will be nothing to track and control whole populations. Your freedom will be lost for a generation.

I have been through many election cycles since my first vote in 1972.

I have heard it said over and over that many of them were the most important elections of our lives. They probably all were up until now. This one is very different. I never thought I would hear radical socialism being openly accepted as an alternative by so many people. I never thought that  I would see a day where a congenital lair with a groping hands problem could rise to the top of a major party as a Presidential candidate. I never thought I would see a day where his running mate would be equally as bad and flawed. 

But here we are.

In 24 days, you will help to decide the future of America. I pray to God that enough people with common sense see the danger and come out to vote. Because if we lose this election to these charlatans and the evil people behind them, America is done. 

I am 66 years old. It is the same age my father was when he died. His grandfather as well. I consider this to have been a life well lived (even with a few hiccups along the way). I assure you this one thing. I will not live long in a country where my fundamental rights are taken away from me by evil people. And I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. I will be prepared for either outcome.

I suspect I know a lot of people exactly like me.

It will be an honor serving besides you one last time if you are of such a mind.

But I will not go quietly into the dark night. 

God Bless America.

Mister Mac

7 thoughts on “24 Days

  1. Well said Mister Mac-
    This will indeed turn out to be “The Election” of our lifetime. No other National Election will have as much impact, as the 2020 United States Presidential election. Tell everyone you know, every Contact in your Address Book, every relative and neighbor you know to get out and place their Vote. Make every vote count.
    God Bless this United States of America. God Bless every United States citizen.
    “See” you at the poles shipmates.


  2. Very well said… Voted in WA today, by mail in Ballot. Will wait a few days till the drop off boxes are available and will deposit mine and the wife’s in the box. That will take any of the possible middle men, USPS, out of the equation… In a lot of my dealing with shipmates and other veterans, it appears that 85% feel the way we do and the 15%, well….

  3. Very well said, my thoughts precisely. We need to be prepared for a 2nd civil war. I did not serve 6 years in the Navy spending months at a time underwater to let this nation de destroyed now by a bunch of Trump haters and Marxists. The deplorable truth is that God has been removed from society for decades opening the door for the evil agenda of the left. Pray that God colludes in the 2020 election like He did in 2016.

  4. I must agree. Well said. I’ve been watching the erosion of our rights and liberty for years now and have been warning those who will listen that if they don’t vote then they contribute to that very erosion. I find Trump abrasive but I would far rather have a person like him as our President than the disgusting alternative. For all Trump’s abrasiveness and tweeting, he’s done more for this country than many before him. He actually has kept a large number of his campaign promises and if the Chinese virus hadn’t been released (I do not believe it was accidental) there would be no remote chance for the clown circus of the opposition. My spouse is a USN vet (in Saigon harbor during the bug out).
    Go vote. Try and talk everyone you know into voting. And pray for the United States of America and that the people haven’t fallen too far from our love of liberty, the rule of law and a fair chance for every citizen.

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