April 20, 2020 #FreePennsylvania

Today (April 20th, 2020) is Freedom day in Pennsylvania. Seems funny after all these years that we would have to talk about freedom, but a number of people are starting to think that our government is being a bit overbearing. Its obvious that a national crisis has brought about many changes but it is beginning to feel more and more like people in power are using the crisis to enact social changes that they were unable to do by legitimate means.

Pennsylvania has always been a cradle of dissension.

I am not sure if its the weather, the terrain, the challenges, or just the mixture of people who came here to escape tyranny. But Pennsylvania was the Keystone of the Revolution. The original Congress gathered here in Philadelphia and most of the important founding documents were written there.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that Pennsylvanians are not happy about their power being usurped. For any reason.

I decided to put together a short story using flags to help explain who we are. Hope this helps.

Stay safe. But remember that part of safety is freedom from tyranny.

Mister Mac


I am aware of the unusual circumstances of the pandemic. But we have had pandemics before.

We have had national crisis’s before.

This is the first time that nearly all of our freedoms have been under attack so effectively at one time.

That frightens me more than the virus.


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