“… the decorous quarters of the Senate”

What an insidious sickness we have submitted ourselves to in the name of “comity”.

A group of good old boys (and girls) have entrenched themselves on the shores of the Potomac in an almost ironclad posture that has been strangling the life out of America’s freedoms.

How did we get here?


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Frankly, look at any country club in America and you can see the model at work. I remember as a kid driving by the country club that my Great Grandfather helped build. A beautiful building on top of the hill with spacious green lawns and a lovely golf course. A swimming pool where only white privileged children could swim and a dimly lit bar where back room deals were made out of the scrutiny of the public’s eye.

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Driving by the old club now is kind of cathartic in a way.

It is no longer the shining symbol of power and privilege it once was. There are still secrets within its walls but it no longer holds the place of power it once was. The building is dated and not as well maintained as it once was. The fences are falling down all along the main road.

The country club on the Potomac is sliding into the cesspool it was built to try and prevent. Over the years, the people who were sent to be our “leaders” have created protectionist rules and unseen barriers between themselves and the rest of us. We send them money and they pad their nests with things we can not afford for our own families.  They promote their own over the voices of their constituents and hurt the people who defend them and the country.


Look at any poll and you will see that Congress in general and the Senate in particular are consistently rated as being in the low teens (and sometimes even lower). The usefulness of all this comity and decorum is frighteningly real in how non-useful the whole thing has become. What is really terrifying is that the vacuum of power that has been created by their ineffectiveness has created a new form of dictator in the form of the presidency.

Executive orders have replaced the Constitution. Bureaucracy has now become the new way of running the country. People don’t even fear the power of the Congress anymore… they rightfully fear the appointed power brokers from the Executive Branch.

Every once in a while, a bright light shines.

Senator Cruz from Texas is one of those bright lights. In a few short weeks, he has maddened the good old boys and girls on both sides of the aisle.


I woke up this morning feeling like we were doomed to destruction as a country. Doomed because we continue to elect slick rich people with no moral compasses to the highest offices in the land. Then along comes a voice in the wilderness. Senator Cruz has broken all the unwritten rules in the country club. I know he has been effective because fat pigs on both sides are squealing their little lungs out about it. Hearing that McCain is unhappy makes me smile. Hearing that Boxer is on the same page with McCain proves that there is no longer any difference between the two so called parties.

Nothing could be better for the country at this time than for the entire senate to slide into the ocean at its deepest part and start all over. (Note: the EPA would never permit this because of the amount of slime that would be released but I’m okay with it… the ocean is a very cleansing place and the cost/benefit ratio would justify it).

I don’t know about you but continuing on with the country club at a time the country is in deep trouble seems to be a guarantee that we will continue down the same road but at a faster path.

I find it interesting that this same “friendly to itself” body is one of the strongest groups that wants to take away your guns and ammunition . 

Assault weapons bans can't ban everything

Things will change. Just like the olden days in Rome, the current system is unsustainable. In a lot of ways, I am willing to take the risk of seeing an absolute collapse just so we have the chance to regain some freedoms. Oh, and please don’t bother to lecture me on supporting and defending the Constitution. Between these clowns and the courts, they have twisted the thing so far from its original intent its becoming nothing more than another reason to be sad about what could have been.

Mister Mac

Considering how useless the body has become, would we miss it if it were gone?


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