A more modern way of living… really???

I saw this posted on a web site today

and had to share.

For all of my friends down in North Carolina, I do sincerely hope there are not too many like this person running around without adult supervision.


We have had people like this throughout the history of the country. Otherwise PT Barnum would never have prospered the way he did.



Rubes, fools, and democrats (or is that being too redundant) have filled volumes of books with their incredible stupidity.

The only ray of hope is that enough of them will become disarmed and wiped out by the vermin they think do not exist. This particular fool would have been happy to keep King George in Power had he been alive during the revolution. The country was full of those knuckleheads too.

The hope is this:

Despite rubes, fools, and democrats the beacon of liberty and freedom still shines bright for now. That light can still lead us back to a place where common sense reigns. It will take a revolution or a collapse but at the end of the day freedom will reign over all.

Is it in you?

Mister Mac


4 thoughts on “A more modern way of living… really???

  1. Hard to believe there are fools like that running around loose, isn’t it? In a sane and just society, they’d starve because they couldn’t feed themselves.

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