The Roanoke Revelation Versus the American Revolution

It is a season of words

Words are used by the two opposing camps in America to try and define the other side. Rarely, we get a glimpse into the true hearts and minds of the people who would lead us into the next part of the American journey and what many are now calling the Roanoke speech by the President is really more of a Roanoke Revelation.

A revelation of course is the revealing of something that is considered true or has special meaning. In religions such as the Hebrew faith, Christianity, and Islam, revelations normally come from some sort of deity or angel to a person or group of people. The purpose is almost always to open the eyes and minds of the intended audience to a special purpose that was not previously clear or perhaps even known.

In Roanoke, the 44th leader of America revealed his truest heart and his clearest intent. This modern day dark angel has delivered the death knell for the American dream. Since he uttered his speech, pundits and pals have tried to obscure his true meanings, but they can no more put the words back in his mind than one could un-ring a bell. The spirit of the words is clear to all who would hear and the intent is a vision for anyone who would see.

American individualism is evil in the eyes of the Dark Angels

Seeking it is evil, pursuing a dream based on the individual is evil, and people who think that others who achieve greatness as individuals are wrong and evil. 44 has no real desire to see people prosper in any way as individuals, only as part of the collective. His path of social reengineering is based on his upbringing and his mentors along the way. A man who has never owned a business, never had to work at producing anything but more dependency on government, and never had to keep his word to a customer has no earthly idea what all the fuss is about. The only exception for his idea of wealth creators are those foolish enough to have wealth already and support him blindly. Apparently, their wealth is acceptable since it supports his power.

While talking about the roads and bridges built, he fails to understand that the companies behind those projects had to be responsible stewards of their customers money and resources or they would fail to be a company. The many inventions that have been a well spring of the American dream would have languished forever in a tribal state where it would be evil to achieve a goal at the cost of anyone’s “feelings”. Edison would have needed to spend so many years filling out government paperwork, satisfying the EPA that no imaginary light rules would be violated, and holding equal opportunity seminars by candlelight, he would never have had time to invent the light bulb.

Henry Ford’s mass production of the automobile was the reason roads were created not the opposite. Without that grand idea, roads would never have needed to be reinvented to support them. The very idea that public works drives innovation (outside of the obvious side effects of war time) is maddeningly stupid and only acceptable to those who have never built, never innovated and fear those that do.

The American Revolution was more than just throwing off the chains of another ruler.

The true American Revolution was creating a culture where people could take risks on their path to innovation. This culture allowed people to dream of greater lives, reach for higher achievements and create real wealth from their labors. With great risks comes the chance for great failure or great reward. In an evolutionary society with freedom as a bedrock, those rewards can exceed the imagination of the people who dream.

In the world of the Dark Angel, risk is not eliminated when rewards are. One needs only look at all of the propped up environmentally friendly and “energy creating” failures produce on his watch to see that truth. The spending of national treasure on so many ideas that are based on social restructuring has resulted in nothing more that stagnated growth and endless recessions. How will we pay back the 15 trillion dollars of new debt accumulated in this failed experiment? Is it remotely possible that continuing on this path will lead to anything other than a deeper hole?

The answer is a resounding no.

The only path left to freedom is to allow the American Revolution to once again be set free. Destroy the bonds which are restraining it. Recognize the Constitution for the simple document it once was designed to be. Restore the opportunities of individuals and companies to become the engines of growth that they once were and restore the government to its place as a servant and not a master.

In a society where exceptionalism is ruled as evil, everyone will eventually sink to the lowest level. The Revelation in Roanoke is that the current administration is willing to settle for that and in fact, demands it. There is one part of the Revelation that is not seen by his supporters though. While he and his wife would have you eat modestly, they engorge themselves on the finest food. While his supporters are encouraged to save and deny themselves, he and his wife have denied themselves nothing. While he and his wife talk about equality and fairness, they dine and travel with the richest elite in the land.

The Revelation is that there will be no transparency in the land, there will be no real equality except among the unfortunate and their enemies, and they will benefit greatly by another four years in which to destroy what is left of the American Dream.

That is grounds enough for a real American Revolution.

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Mister Mac

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