On Wisconsin (bring on the fall!)

Just a short message this week to the

Followers of the New Freedom Underground

Deep disappointment for the dirty dogs of war… David Ax-man denied

In the dying days of democracy dozens of devious democrats demanded debilitating deals while denying the details of its descendant direction. Decadency caused by deleterious debutants disguised as “lawyers” who sought to divide the denizens of a once proud land. First they denied the Deity. Then they destroyed decency. Finally they declared dictatorship by unilaterally demanding a strict denial of self-determination.

Let the dirge begin…


Or let the flags of freedom once more fly.

With fealty to no man or party, let us frame our freedom and fan the fires of liberty. Fill your lungs with the first breath of emancipation and liberate those who would have been forced into modern day slavery. Fall approaches… Rise up and be counted.

Freedom first, Freedom last, Freedom always

Denial to the dividers and their debasing decisions and direction

Mister Mac

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