Why do you need an AR 15?

Warning: If you are easily triggered, this may not be a good article for you to read. Why do you need an AR 15? In the wake of the latest horrific shooting, the topic for many people seems to focus on why someone would need an AR 15. Depending on the political and philosophical background […]

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January 1943… Freedom Rising

Change… new directions… imperial doctrines… When you have nothing less to lose, giving your life gains new meaning. We are going to be tested soon in ways that a few years ago would have been unimaginable. But consider this… in the 1920′s before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi’s would you have even thought […]

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On Wisconsin (bring on the fall!)

Just a short message this week to the Followers of the New Freedom Underground Deep disappointment for the dirty dogs of war… David Ax-man denied In the dying days of democracy dozens of devious democrats demanded debilitating deals while denying the details of its descendant direction. Decadency caused by deleterious debutants disguised as “lawyers” who […]

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Seems like just yesterday…

Over 106 years ago, a group known as the Wobblies (IWW) was born in June of 1905 to organize all of the workers of the world into One Big Union The following is the preamble to the constitution for the International Workers of the World:   “The working class and the employing class have nothing […]

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