The Terrible Twos

We were never blessed with children but one thing we learned very early in life from others that did: There really is a lot to be said for the phenomenon called “The Terrible Twos”. This is that time when a sweet little creature born just a short 24 months before turns into Satan’s spawn. The passive little lump that used to love playing the airplane game with the feeding spoon, now becomes more discriminatory than Wolfgang Puck being forced to go through a McDonald’s Drive Through.

Sometimes the behaviors become lifelong patterns. I can’t possibly imagine any other reason for the recent outbreak of “Occupy” other people’s property. The cultural contributors to this mass outbreak of Terrible Twos should be studied to see if there are any links to whatever happened to these folks when they collectively hit two. (Just a passing thought… I wonder when Joe Biden will graduate from his own personal Terrible Twos.)

There are other terrible twos, too.

Because I am so attracted to historical events, there seems to be an eerie pattern of bad things that happen in years ending in “two”. Events with great significance always seem to crop up in years like that.


Titanic Sinks



The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is founded. In Germany, the year ends with hyperinflation showing no sign of slowing down, with 7,000 marks now needed to buy a single American dollar. The Washington Naval Treaty Limiting the size and growth of warships is signed. (That one took a while to kick in but the lives lost from that stupidity were an unwanted gift that kept giving most of the way through World War 2)



The Great Depression. FDR blamed the Great Depression on Hoover, and his protectionist policies. FDR lashed out at Hoover: “I accuse the present Administration of being the greatest spending Administration in peacetime in all our history.”

thumbnailCAMBLY0W      thumbnailCA6FQC9C


The darkest days in the history of the world as the forces of Germany, Italy and Japan were still on the offensive. The first concentration camp in Poland is built to eliminate the Jewish problem (part of Hitler’s final solution)

thumbnailCAG9RGOF  thumbnailCARQFFGF


While Korea remains the main United Nations focus, martial law is declared in Kenya after a rebellion of a group called the Mau Mau erupts. Hussein Onyango Obama worked as a cook in a British camp but secretly joined in the rebellion before being caught and tortured.

thumbnailCA7PXXWY  thumbnailCACLI9OG


Cuban Missile Crisis. Marylyn Monroe died too, but that is too tragic to talk about.


The world is wracked by terrorism. Watergate destroys any trust Americans once had for their leadership and Nixon bombs North Viet Nam for Christmas. America is condemned by the Swedes  for being Nazis. (The same Swedes who by the way aided and abetted the actual Nazi’s while the Nazi’s were killing millions of Jews RIGHT NEXT DOOR – have another meatball baby.)


fast forward:   2012


Barrack Hussein Obama is reelected for a second time as President of the United States. The justice department rules that widespread voter fraud and voter intimidation is just silly and UN observers report that they didn’t see a thing. Vice Premier Joe Biden says that anyone who thinks such a thing could have happened is a racist, poor people hating #$%^& as he cuts the ribbon on the first FEMA Camp neat Scranton.

January 1st 2013 is the launch date of Operation Protect the Middle Class. All present holders of individual fire arms are directed to bring the locked firearms and any ammunition to FEMA collection sites by January 15th to avoid incarceration. This is being done to protect middle class people from the elite rich who could afford to stock up on firearms. Federal Firearms records are consolidated in the new Universal Federal Firearms Protection Agency in Cicero Illinois. UN Inspectors have been deployed to assist.

Banks will be closed until January twentieth when the new currency can be distributed. All previous currency will be collected at authorized Department of Homeland Security Offices and exchanged for rations. Hoarding will not be tolerated and those caught will be sent to reeducation camps.

Gadsden flags are hereby outlawed and anyone caught flying one will be made an example of. The Department of Community Leadership local representatives are authorized to act without warrants where the despicable flags are displayed.

The Office of the First Lady will officially be renamed “Prime Minister of Internal Affairs and Dietary Issues”. This permanent position will match the new “President for Life” position authorized by the Emergency Response Tribunal. This recommendation  by Security Minister Vann Jones was part of the 2012 Declaration of Emergency in America act issued after the dissolution of Congress. The suspended Constitution will be revised to reflect the new dual Oath of Office once the emergency is lifted.

Fox News Corporation trials will begin in February. All AM talk shows have now been replaced by Prime Minister Michelle’s diet and fashion tips. Anyone caught listening to Radio Free America will be subject to instant relocation to FEMA camp. Note: Sean Hannity has still not been located. A reward has been authorized.

Only you can help to end the Terrible Twos.

Pair a ducks

Thanks for letting me have a little Friday fun.

Hopefully, that’s all it is.

Mister Mac

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