And its one two three, who are your fightin’ for?

I have decided that I am neither sophisticated enough or intelligent enough to have an evolving position on any of the following things:

If you claim to be a Christian in your faith life, there is only one version of the Trinity. If you want to believe in rocks, trees, unicorns or other forms of higher power, you are perfectly okay to do so. You really just are being disingenuous about the whole “Christian” thing.

If you want to hook up with your bowling partner or weekend antique special friend, there are lots of places that will hook you up for a couple of bucks and give you a lovely certificate. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and John the Baptist will not formally condone it (no one has yet to show me that they left any notes on special circumstances). You can call it whatever you want. Its just not an actual marriage.

Gay used to be a fun word. We’ll have a gay old time and Yabba dabba do. When homosexuals are ready to move on to the next PC word, can we have gay back? I miss singing certain Christmas songs right now and maybe having some fun back in the word gay can get everybody to lighten up a little.

Listen, no judgment (at least not from me). There will be plenty of time for that later and you’ll have years and years if not more to determine if you were right or not. Just stop evolving and get to the point.

Oh, one last thing…

I hope to never live long enough to hear a president of the United States say that the men and women of the armed services are fighting for him (or her). Other than in the context of them fighting for all of us as American citizens. Unless there is something else going on the rest of us would know about Mr. President that would be the most narcissistic and terrifying thing an elected official could say. Even scarier since you have repeatedly told your worshippers that you are fighting for them. Fighting who? Me?

By the way, Putin called. His push button is broke and he would like to return it. He has suggested a place to put it. No worries, I am sure Uncle Joe Biden will have a way to make this a Bush thing too.

Mister Mac

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