A victory… even if it’s only partial


McPherson Square is finally being reclaimed by the Park Service.

I will only be completely happy when I see the entire square scrubbed of these vermin.


But in my mind, it is still only a partial victory since the powers that be have not taken the appropriate stand. From Reuters:

“”This is not an eviction,” U.S. Park Police Sergeant David Schlosser told reporters. “We’re not just willy-nilly tossing stuff.”

He called the action a “nuisance abatement” and said police were “focusing on camping restrictions.”

Guarded by police, sanitation workers cleared away most tents and heaps of bedding, palettes, crates, tarpaulins, full-sized mattresses, books, clothes, straw and other debris that had accumulated over the four months of occupation.”


Four months of destroying land that belongs to all of us. Who is going to pay for their selfishness?

Have you done your taxes yet?

Mister Mac

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