The Cost of Freedom

These pictures were taken at the Masonic Village in Central Pennsylvania See link at end of post for more detailed information There is an American Flag for every Service Member that has given their life since 911    There is a separate Blue State flag for every Pennsylvanian The tradition of remembering these American Heroes goes back […]

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Clear the Square… NOW!!!

I’m not sure if its vanity or just a curiosity, but I have always been interested in things named McPherson. My family name was actually spelled that way when they first emigrated to the US in 1845 at the beginning of the potato famine. The family came from northern Ireland on a ship called the […]

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Are you “Value Added”?

In the “lean” world, a lot of time is spent in determining which of your processes are “Value Added”, “Non-Value Added but Necessary” or “Non-Value Added”. There are a lot of definitions for these phrases depending on which consultant is trying to sell a new book this week. I try to keep my definitions pretty […]

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Make it Count

Make it count. As you thank the Vets you will run into over the next few days, do something more than a verbal thank you. Sit down and write Congress. Do it respectfully but do it with the full force of your conviction. The way we thank Veterans is to stop Congress from wastefully spending […]

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Target Rich Environment

Google the phrase “Target Rich Environment” and you will get about 5 million hits. One of my favorite quotes comes from a feel good movie released in 1986 Warning: PG 13 applies, if you are easily offended, skip past the quoted area “Top Gun” Maverick: This is what I call a target-rich environment. Goose: You […]

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Bullies Redux

There were three kinds of boys in Junior High School. First were the bullies. This group had probably grown up quicker than their peers and normally came from homes where toughness was considered not only a virtue but a valued commodity. Second were the “hangers on”. These boys weren’t quite as big or strong as […]

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Dereliction of Duty

  One of the worst things I can imagine a service member doing is being guilty of dereliction of duty. We all take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. When we are derelict in our duties, there are military laws which judge us and rightly so. People depend on us to defend them […]

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