This was a good day for America… and I hope it lasts

Whether you are a gun owner or not, this was a good day for America.

The law triumphed over manipulation by those who would seek to circumvent it.


The Constitution has been pulled, pushed, prodded, poked and pissed on by people who don’t like the things it says. Despite that, it has managed to survive another assault. I believe that many of the people that want to dismantle it have motives that come from their hearts. The problem is that the Constitution was not written with people’s “hearts” in mind. I believe that the founders were smart enough to recognize that people can be manipulated by the emotional tug and pull of people with agendas.

But the founders also put protections into the laws so that we would not be swayed by emotion or feelings.

If I had my way, every honest citizen would be required to own a firearm and Congress Critters would have term limits. Maybe both will happen someday if we ever get our collective act together. As strong as I feel about both issues however, I recognize that there are laws and ways to amend those laws that are free from the hysterics of the moment and the power of a slobbering press.

If you want to change the laws, do so with the consent of the governed. King George learned that the hard way.

Guilt has no place in reasonable discussions. Guilt clouds the facts and makes people do stupid things they will regret later. America stands as the last best hope for the world because we stand against tyranny and dictators no matter where they come from. Any leader who doesn’t understand that is no leader at all.

Good American men and women stood up today against the full force and power of the guilt-master in chief, the full weight of his army of sycophants and a sad group of useful idiots. Is it too much to hope for that maybe, just maybe this is the start of the return to America?

God I hope so.

Mister Mac

4 thoughts on “This was a good day for America… and I hope it lasts

      1. There is indeed. I had forgotten how bad Britain was in the 70s, there’s always a chance, where men and women will make it so.

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