122 Years of Continuous Improvement

The original story was from 2011 right as I was beginning to blog. I have also benefited from Continuous Improvement in the last 11 years.


Continuous Improvement for over 111 Years

While submarines have existed in one form or another for a very long time, the US Navy formalized the marriage of technologies that would lead to the modern steel warhorses that range the oceans of the world today.

After a series of trials in the late 1800’s, a man named Holland would master the challenges that allowed the navy to welcome its first submersible warship. This simple submarine was the real starting point to technologies that are still in use today. The DNA of the modern nuclear submarine fleet has adapted to each new improvement and helped to influence the countries history in war and in

John P. Holland was a prolific inventor who held over twenty five major patents by the end of his life. His most famous of course was the submarine that charted the course for the United States to…

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