The creation of a disordered mind… Holland’s submarine boat

Happy Submarine Month… another one of the stories about Holland


The creation of a disordered mind

Centuries of dreams had surrounded the desire and even the need to conquer the underwater world. The industrial age brought with it many new inventions and ideas that were changing the world. The mastery of electricity and modern engines were just part of the growth that propelled man from the days of horse and buggy to more reliable methods of transportation. In 1900, one of the greatest challenges was met when an Irish immigrant named Holland fought through every challenge to create his submarine boat.

This story comes from the Richmond Virginia Paper and was dated April 1. There are dozens of stories in the Library of Congress Archives about the trials of the boat. This particular one opened a whole new window for me about some of the men who were involved. Of course, Holland’s story is pretty well known but one of…

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