These are mine

These are mine.

I share them with all who have gone through the same crucible. They (like us) were forged in pressure. They were quenched in the waters of the darkest parts of the ocean. They symbolize a tradition that is shared by only a few. Fire, flooding and the crashing of the waves above us only strengthened their character. They cannot be given, they must be earned. They cost little but their value is immense. They are silver and they are gold. But they are bonded together in shared sacrifice and duty.

They represent men and now women who have looked into the abyss. In a dark voice, the abyss demands payment from those who trespass into the undersea world.

Our bold response is always the same: “Not on my watch”

On the rare occasions when the sea wins, we all grieve. That grief turns into action. We learn. We adapt, We overcome. We go back to sea again. We challenge the monster. We serve a nation that cannot see us and rarely understands what we do. But we know. And we are the best in the world at what we do. We have to. We are defending freedom.

I am a Submariner.

And these are mine.

Mister Mac

By the way, if you want to know where the Dolphins came from, here are some clues


These have no expiration date. They leave a mark on my chest that lasts forever

16 thoughts on “These are mine

    1. Thanks Keith. I am reminded from time to time that what we did was something that mattered. I am proud of all of my service time but the time spent on my five boats was the time that truly influenced my life.

  1. We all have traveled the dark, deep underwater trails that traverse the depths of King Neptune’s domain in silent vigilance following a heritage left to us by those brave submarine sailors who went before us in their undersea boats. Thanks Mr Mac.

  2. 1969 boot camp I was selected to attend nuclear engineering school as a sub mariner. It changed my “hitch” to six years. I’d been in the Navy for 2 weeks. The next day I woke and pleaded with my company commander to rescind my acceptance. After much harassment the Navy let me off and I became a radar tech on an aircraft carrier…three tours 600,000 miles. God bless you for your service!

    1. Thanks for your service Guy. I wasn’t smart enough to get out of the commitment in time and five submarines later, they finally let me go to surface ships as a CWO. But we all served and we all did our job to protect the nation.

  3. Love this. Been following you for a while. Love your blog and love the submarine force. Trained and served as a Nuc and retired as a COB. The best years of my life – would not trade for anything. I met and served with the finest men in the service and would do it all over again if I could. Thanks Mac!

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