Adversity is a refining fire.

I achieved a minor but important breakthrough this morning at around 4:50 AM when Angus the dog decided he needed to get up and go outside.

I have been struggling for months to properly title the book project I have been working on now for about five years. The last three chapters have been the hardest since these chapters cover the most well known parts of my subject, Captain Cassin Young, US Navy Medal of Honor awardee (deceased).

The breakthrough is that I believe I have the name that fits the work I have done and best describes what I want people to see when they pick up the book.

I will reveal that in the weeks to come.

Debbie and I have tried to get into a habit each day of studying God’s word through the Bible and some study guides we purchased for individual chapters. The study has been a lot like going back to school and we have both gained much from reading and looking at the many resources. This morning’s lesson for me came from Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 verses 1-2.  These verses focus on adversity and how we are defined in its shadow.

We include a prayer each day for the country, the President and Vice President and their families and for all of those who love and protect this country.

While there are some who see nothing but hatred in this country because of the past, we see the goodness and the mercy that happens here every day. Without freedom, there is little chance for people to rise up from the ashes of adversity, no chance for charity that overcomes greed and absolutely no hope for a world that is broken in so many ways.

My ancestors came to America under very adverse circumstances and because of the land of their birth were faced with tremendous adversity. Yet they managed to use the freedoms and opportunities that were available to rise above those humble beginnings. We have doctors, lawyers, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard Officers, teachers, millworkers and business men and women of every kind in our family. Nearly all have contributed to the song we call “America the Beautiful” and every single one that is alive stands for the pledge of allegiance.

We rise or fail when we remember that adversity is the refining fire that either prepares us all for our destiny or gives us the excuse to never achieve what we should.

I am hoping to have the book completed by the end of July. Then will start the process of editing and hopefully finding the right publisher. But I am absolutely passionate about the story the book will tell and the life of Captain Cassin Young. I hope passion equals success.

Mister Mac

9 thoughts on “Adversity is a refining fire.

  1. Mac: this post resonates on several levels! First: We’re ‘dog folks’, too, so hearing about Angus’ part in your creative process warmed my heart. Second: Giving it all to God. We also believe the only thing to hold onto in this world is the Lord. Reading the Bible daily and praying for our leaders (and those God has put us with in the world) is the most effective response to the sin-rooted problems we face in our time. Third: the U. S. Navy. My admiration of it stems from an early love of submarines. I enjoy your perspectives in your posts, also. I got a blessing from this post, and wanted you to know that, brother. Maranatha!

    1. Thank you my brother. It is always humbling to receive feedback. Angus is a joy and I do not look forward to the day we take our last walk together. I have been toiling on this book project for years and have recently been inspired to make more of a spiritual connection to the work. Cassin Young was a submariner for much of his life but that was not what he is best known for. I believe that all of the adversity he faced as he navigated through his career led him to the exact place he was supposed to be on December 7th and sadly did the same on November 13 of 1942. In both cases, he clearly demonstrated his love for his fellow man with his actions and sacrifices. Blessings brother. Thanks again for the feedback.

  2. Okay, today’s post is such a teaser. What could the title of your book be??? Love you both, ML

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  3. Another good one, Mister Mac. No son is without testing, as the testing reveals the precious metal inside of us. Thanks for another reminder that all in this life struggle until we get Home. After almost six years since my release and over 800 applications, I now have meaningful work that I am passionate about. Felt like when I was working on my sub quals, watchstation quals and cross-training all at the same time.

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