90 Days to nowhere… Submarine Documentary 1977


Another great video from a bygone era. The 41 for Freedom Boats were still in their glory and the USS Ohio was going through its growing pains at the shipyard at Electric Boat. While the patrol cycle is sometimes given short shrift by non-boomer sailors, it had a unique purpose and involved a large number of men in both operations and support.  The operations tempo and the transition to the newer subs is very nicely described here:


But for a closer look at what it was like to be a seventies boomer sailor, click on this link:


As veterans day once more approaches, I am reminded how great a price was paid by so many men and women in my lifetime alone to preserve the peace. I salute you all.

Mister Mac

4 thoughts on “90 Days to nowhere… Submarine Documentary 1977

  1. @kellykdunn, just missed you, I served on the USS George C. Marshall from 1978-1984 (Gold and Blue)…MM2(SS)

  2. That’s my boat the USS Lewis & Clark SSBN 644. (G). I was an Inertial Navigation technician. I recognize many of the crew, but this video was made after my service retired in 1970 (My last five months were on the USS Hunley AS-31). That big red-beard guy opening and closing the tanks stayed on the boat, went back-and-forth between the Gold and Blue, and eventually was the head of the boat when it was gotten out of the service. He was a great combination of successfully performing the officer requirements, protecting the needs and performance of the enlisted, and being funny all the time!

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