How a World War 2 Submarine Works



I saw this video on one of the Navy Facebook pages earlier today and thought it was worth sharing.


When you think about how complex a machine submarines really are, you can understand why training and qualifications are so important. Compared to any other occupation or job I have had, none come close to creating the sense of urgency and need for exact knowledge and skills.

Mister Mac

Some new content from a recent trip to Battleship Cove in Massachusetts. The Lionfish is a great example of a Fleet Boat since it was never modified to a GUPPY Configuration.

IMG_0308 IMG_0313 (2) IMG_0335 IMG_0361 IMG_0364 IMG_0386 IMG_0403

3 thoughts on “How a World War 2 Submarine Works

  1. That would be very cool Cindy. Not sure where you live but there are USSVI groups all over the country and many of us are quite skilled at story telling (it goes with being a submariner no matter how long you served). Having one of the boat guys actually talk with the kids is a nice compliment to the film.

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